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North Oxford "Kitfest" Blat - Sat 19th July 2014

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Hi Guys,


After today successful Full English Blat, it is time to start thinking about the next one.


There has been a bit of interest shown on this previous thread



So lets get things organised.


Here is a link to the information regarding the show



You can either pre-book, or if you want to wait and just pay on the day, it is £5 to get in.


It looks like it may be a good event:-

Lots of trade stands

Club stands

15 minute track sessions running throughout the day – book in advance or pay on the day. 15 minutes should get you approximately half a dozen laps.

Merlin Motorsports shop on site


I suggest we meet at our normal venue The Rock at 8am for an 8.15am depart.


We can stop at Toys R Us Swindon to pick up additional runners, we will be arriving at approx 9am, depart at 9.15am


Arrive at the Circuit at approx 10am.


Lets get a list up an running:-


1. KugaWestie

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Hi Gary,


count me in, tho' if I keep being first on the list people are gonna talk.......


Cheers  :d


1. KugaWestie

2. The Mad Blatter

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Gary, Roger we have heard the rumour but I would like to join!. ;)

1. KugaWestie

2. The Mad Blatter

3. CL290005, Chris with the new found performance :)

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I have just received and email from the circuit stating that the event has been cancelled due to lack of interest  :down:

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