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What is The Start Line, and what should I post here?

Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

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Welcome to the Boardroom of the Westfield Sports Car Club!


The Start Line is the ideal place for members new and old, or even those just thinking about joining to introduce themselves; tell us a little about yourself, your car, (or cars) and what you like to get up to with your Westfield. We love photo's by the way - we even provide a gallery, where as a member, you can upload your own! :yes:


But the Start Line is much more than just somewhere to say hello and tell us who you are; it's also the place to talk about and ask questions about all things to do with Westfield, or owning and running them. Anything form what insurance companies do people recommend, to which is best, a roof (yes ;):p ) or an aeroscreen ( :suspect:  maybe!)


Want to know what rain-suit works? Or what roads are great for a blat into North Wales? Here's the place to ask!


As long as its directly Westfield related (or to do with owning one) this is the section for you!


However, it you have a technical question from a simple "what brake pads do I need" to a more complicated "how do I rebuild my engine", or you just want to discuss an engineering related topic, Tech Talk is the place for such things. (The moderators will move any posts like this in to Tech Talk as we find them, but please help us to get the occasional hour to play with our own cars by posting there to begin with ;):d )


Of course, if you just fancy a chat, want to share that joke, that had you drowning your keyboard in coffee earlier, or the bizarre and amazing from the world of YouTube, then as always Stuff and Nonsense is there for you!

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