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Glen H

Westfield Bodywork - Damaged but usable

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Glen H

Soon for Ebay but may be open to sensible offers 


Damaged but usable bodywork, all genuine Westfield ZK baodywork in black gel coat


Black ZK style bodywork, (does not include fron Arches or Scuttle so not a full set) - this bodywork was on my car for 8 years, and has taken the odd knock - some trackdays, and some silly nkocks getting it on the traler etc, as a track focused car my intention was to live with it and then replace if I ever sold the car, which I did earlier in the year


Nosecone - heavy crazing to the front (some may recall my nkock on the tryewall during the spped series at 3 sisters back in 2006, as a Ducted nose type this originally had the grill system moulded into the design 9rather than mesh) but the timing strut punched through these so they got cut out with the dremel and converted to mesh front. The star crazing / cracks are pretty heavy - still got good structural strentgh and the crazing is only really seen once your within  a few feet.


Front Splitter - inc on the nosecone - this suffered damage when I did a bit of grass cutting at the ESCC trackday at Mallory, the engine / nose area had a flat floor plat system wich had quck release fixings into the splitter, this caught on the grass and ripped the fixings out along the splitter


Main Tub - no structurla damage or shunts but has the odd scuff and some pebble dashing where where it curls out to meet the rear arch, this is low down so does not really stand out. The side pods were neatly cut and flared out, this cut is in line with the bonnet - scuttle line so looks right. The rear valance has holes for air vents (stops the old parachute effect of trapped air. doulble sided stickyback needs removing from old reg plate area.


rear Arch- nearside - got it caughts on the edge of the trailer which reulted in it cracking mid way along, needs some fibreglass matting at the back to re-strengthen and could then be painted


Rear arch - off side - dmaged to front / low down area where some road debbris hit it expsoing the internal fibreglass, no loss in overall structural strentgh,may gel coat repair or fill & paint


Bonnett - unmarked & good condition (not splitting at the moment)


Photo's are in the WSCC Gallery and I can email higher res copies for any one interested


Thanks for looking

















































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