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SOLD - SEiGHT 3.5V8 2002 10,800 miles - Well known car

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****NOW SOLD***:

Westfield SEiGHT

aka Maverick (Maverick: adj. Being independent in thought and action or exhibiting such independence:.)
Registered April 2002
10900 Miles
MOT May 2014
Tax September 2013

Contact Si on 07595 660243 or si@westfield-driver.co.uk

A Unique opportunity to purchase this cherished and well know Westfield.
Since 2004 this well spec’d vehicle has covered just over 10,000 miles as a touring vehicle.
Tours like the 3 official WSCC Coast2Coast's and The Long Way North that we organised between '04&'08 and also the 3000+ mile Se7ens.net tour of the South West states of the USA in 2005.


  • 3.5 Litre V8
  • Weber 500cfm carb
  • Edelbrock performer manifold
  • Vitesse pistons (Increased Comp Ratio)
  • Real Steel Viper Hurricane Cam (mild road)
  • Duplex Timing Gear
  • Mallory Dual-point Ignition
  • MSD Ignitor Coil
  • Mocal Remote oil filter and cooler
  • Lightened Flywheel
  • JE Developments Flat, baffled Sump
  • Rover Vitesse 5-Peed Gearbox
  • XR4x4 Limited Slip Diff
  • Long range (36Litre) fuel injection tank
  • Solid Disc brakes all round
  • Greenstuff front brake pads
  • TSW R-Type 16" wheels
  • Yokohama A-539 205/45/16 Tyres
  • Side Exit Exhausts
  • Full Westfield Tonneau

210 Bhp @ 5610 rpm
221 lbft @ 4000 rpm
724 Kg in touring trim with 3/4 tank fuel (weighed at Curborough by Blatman)
300 BHP/tonne (dry weight)

Additionally may include:

  • Steel the Scene Roll Bar Luggage Rack
  • Autocom Dual Headset intercom with MP3/Sat Nav and Phone inputs


Lots of History, including the full build photos
Lots of receipts from build though to current day
Lots of Spare Parts including the non standard parts

No tyre kickers or test pilots need apply. Serious inquiries only. Test Drive will only be offered on proof of appropriate comprehensive insurance cover

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It is, great car, and Simon has looked after it really well.


Cracking buy for someone as a wonderfull touring car and great price for it's spec and history.


Good Luck with the sale Simon.

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I met Simon and his V8 for the first time when he came to our monthly meeting.  It's a lovely looking car - well worth a look  :cool:  :cool:  :cool:


Rory's Dad

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I don't understand why this hasn't sold, beautiful looking car, if only I had a spare 10K and a bigger garage, I'd love it   :westy:

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Car now sold.


Thanks for everyone for their support in the sale and for the many happy years we've had as Westfield owners. Very much the end of an era.


Si & Carla

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Sorry to bring up such an old post but this is an old advert for the car I've just purchased.

Does anyone know if Simon & Carla are still around? They were based very close to where I'm living (about 10 miles away) and might be interesting in seeing "Maverick" again.

Also I see I can no longer call this car "Roary Mk2" as it already has the "Maverick" call sign :d

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