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Found 17 results

  1. Morris

    Sports turbo seats for XI IVA

    Those building an XI will know that the factory used to loan out sports turbo seats to XI builders for the purpose of the IVA test. We could get creative to attach compliant head restraints (and seatbelt guides?) whilst using standard XI seats. A question: Does anyone know of (or even have) a pair of sports turbo seats already out on loan to them that now have no home to be returned to...? I'm not quite ready for IVA yet but a few of us are approaching. Cheers. Morris.
  2. Wylton

    2000 Westfield IVA

    Hi, I'm a new member, so this is my first post! I'm helping out on a 2000 Westfield. It's a new build, but an older car that's sat around for a while. It's almost done now, but I'm a bit confused over some of the IVA issues. The car has side repeaters on the wings, but it looks like these might not pass, because the regs have changed since the car was purchased. Do I have to remove these, blank off the hole and fit them elsewhere? Also the requirement for an immobiliser; why would this be viewed as a safety requirement? I have a kill switch fitted, but I understand that the vehicle will need an autonomous anti-theft feature. Are there reasonably low cost kits available & can I fit it myself (I read somewhere that it has to be an approved installer). I fitted the kill switch on the transmission tunnel, but I see now that the tester might fail this because it will be viewed as a protrusion. I was thinking of packing it out underneath so that it fits flush.
  3. Time to start the obligatory IVA thread for my build. IVA application submitted online this afternoon. I submitted the following: 1) IVA application 2) Amateur built declaration (scan of signed document) 3) Scan of Westfield kit invoice 4) Scan of Westfield engine age statement 5) Build photos (11) I have applied for a test at Yeading, just north of Heathrow, my nearest centre. Some info. that may be of use to others: 4a - Vehicle make and model: Westfield SEiW (from factory) 4f - Type of body: Sports 4g - Engine number - RCL xxxx (Engine ID number from engine age statement) 4s - Cylinder capacity: 1,989cc 4u - Max. power and speed at which obtained: 170bhp @ 6,000rpm (2.0 Zetec with ITBs - from factory) 4v - Max. design speed: 130mph (from factory) 🤞🤞
  4. With my IVA looming in just over 2 weeks, I've discovered my rear wheels lock-up before the fronts 😕 I have Sierra uprights with HiSpec Ultralite 4 callipers. I'm assuming 50/50 braking between the front and back - backs locking first because of the weight at the front . . . I need a valve that is non-adjustable for IVA. I've read a few of the kit-car forums and the Fiesta one looks like it will do the job. Ebay has a few:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Focus-C-Max-Fiesta-MK5-Front-Brake-Pressure-Reducing-Valve-1469610/272376228296?epid=1509753686&hash=item3f6ae369c8:g:3pwAAOSwEtRb4q5T But I would like to following any recommendations /experiences from club members - and the best location for fitting on a Westfield. Would really appreciate any help . . . David.
  5. Hello Everyone, At long last I have a date for IVA - 22nd Oct 2020. Hopefully I've thought of every thing, but would really appreciate you knowledgeable Westie connoisseurs to cast your eye over the car to pick-up any IVA potential failures. Two things worth mentioning:- 1) I plan to IVA for a Fiesta rear view mirror. 2) the gap between the steering column and chassis is about 3mm! Thanks in advance for any pointers or tips.
  6. Two7

    IVA and first MOT Test date.

    Something to check, may just be my incompetence, but who knows if I can save somebody else some hassle. If you have had a successful IVA and have registered your pride and joy within the last 3 years, wait a week or two then go on line https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-status and check the DVLA record. . If it says MOT UNKNOWN or "no details held by DVLA", it is time to call DVLA and explain it should have the 3 year anniversary date for MOT. I assumed Unknown was because it was a new registration and I assumed I was expected to remember in 3 years time, wrong, it should have the the 3 year anniversary date in that box. The person I spoke to ( working from home at DVLA) said new cars sometimes have UNKNOWN and it always happens when people change to a personal plate ( I didn't but some of you may have done that). Normally it isn't a problem because we all go and get an MOT done before the 3 year anniversary, except during lockdown that isn't possible. As you can see mine says no details held by DVLA. Given my Tax and 3 year anniversary were both on 01-Jun-2020, that meant I couldn't have the 6 month extension for COVID 19 and I can't pay for my tax as I have no MOT. So as you can see I have had to SORN my Caterham till I can get an MOT arranged which up till Monday (garage showrooms reopened and non front line staff can get MOT's) was proving quite tricky. Hopefully I can get it through the MOT in a few days time ( the usual headlamp alignment, windscreen wipers permitting) and then re-tax. Fingers crossed I don't get the £80 automatic fine for doing SORN 9 hours late as I had to wait till Monday morning to see if they would automatically give me the COVID 19 extension, which they didn't. The strangest part of this is that you can actually talk to DVLA about MOT's but there is no way to talk/ email / webchat to anybody about Tax.
  7. AndySheldon

    IVA steering wheel and boss kit

    Hi there, I'm starting my build process and need to get hold if an IVA approved wheel and boss kit for my mega s2000. I wonder if anyone has one cheap kicking about as I don't see the point of buying it new, just to swap after its passed its IVA. Any help appreciated. I'm based in Derbyshire. Andy
  8. mikey p

    Emissions for MOT

    Hi all, My Westfield is a X plate 2000 year car that was originally housing a Pinto and must have passed it SVA with smoke only test as it was running twin 45's and points... It now houses a 2005 Duratec on TB's. MOT time is already a bit garage dependent sometimes it easy but other times to get a non cat test can be tricky as they say it should be tested as which ever is oldest... IE a year 2000 test.. This year is no different and they have run a cat test on it and failed it. My V5c states no emissions data to meet and I don't have a copy of the SVA certificate. Upon phoning DVLA and DVSA it looks like they have also lost the SVA certificate. They have also said that since the VT emissions software update recent (I guess in the last 12months as it wasn't an issue last year) they now do not have an option to do a Non-cat test for this vehicle. does anyone know if this is true? or is there another option that's been missed? anyone had the same? Even with the engine swap reading the section 8 - titled 'Nuisance' in the MOT manual it should never have a cat test, but I might need to prove what the SVA test was which now seems difficult! Section 8 states this -
  9. ajpearson

    Random IVA cover, what is it?

    Most of my covers are now fitted, but can't find a home for these? What are they for?
  10. Good afternoon I maybe a little bit premature but if I am honest I’m so so excited to get started on what has been a journey of around 14 years. So I visited the factory yesterday and placed an order on a new FW SE Zetec with LSD, Throttle bodies, track day dampers, brake upgrade, MSA rollbar, 8” rears, 205 tyres,sport turbo seats and I’ve also gone for the LED rear light upgrade. I have also omitted the following parts from the kit as I’d like to source alternatives elsewhere - front wings as I’d like to source proper carbon items, dashboard inc clocks and switches as I’d like a proper carbon dash with a AIM MXS dash and freewheel buttons to maintain a clean dashboard, seatbelts as I’d like to choose the colour width and type at a later date. I think I have sourced most of the tools and kit I require for the build now and I am just preparing my workspace to accept the kit in 8 weeks time. Planning a visit to Stoneleigh next weekend to help make some decisions on a few bits of like and also to try and decide on a body colour. I really like electric blue at the moment but my original thought was orange. If anyone is interested I’m located in Wetherby so if anyone is local the kettle is always on and the beer is always cold ! Any advice is greatfully received and I’ve covered a few things in previous posts but feel free to offer up any tips or advice. Mark
  11. BugMan

    IVA Process

    OK just starting to think I need to start the IVA process, and knowing naff-all about this so far I'm looking for guidance and some pointers etc. Currently reading the Government web page, which tells you to navigate to a page that's not listed, so I "Googled" for "Individual Vehicle Approval application forms" and found my way to this form https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/iva-application-form-for-passenger-cars-iva-1c Downloaded this form, amdI on the right track here? Given I've seen many comments about people with "IVA Test" on there cars I'm assuming if you have a test booked you are OK to travel on public roads, on a direct route with covering insurance?
  12. Mark (smokey mow)

    IVA indicator pod spacers

    These are for cars fitted with extra wide rear arches and space the front indicator pods out by 25mm each side for IVA. A slot has been cut in them so they can be fitted without having to disconnect any of the wiring. Not sure how much these are new but how's £10 including postage to any UK destination.
  13. Alan Cutler (Adge) - Dorset AO

    Steering Self Centering

    Just thought I'd pass on my experience of the self centering check at my recent IVA on my Sport 250. It was an aspect of the test that I was concerned about, mainly because unless you have acces to a large area to check it, you're in the lap of the gods. My test consisted of driving the car round in circles, taking your hands off the wheel, and seeing what happens! Simple and logical really if you think about it. So car was driven round in circles, take hands off the wheel, and happily the wheel span smoothly back towards the straight ahead position, every time, result!! Having read various threads on self centering, I concluded there's no magic formula to get it right. The front set up I opted for was: 1deg negative camber, and ~1/4deg toe out (if my trigonometry is correct!), ride height set quite high initially (my sump is very low!), I'm sure it will settle. Tyre press. 23psi. Bear in mind this was done in the garage with rudimentary equipment. Not claiming this is "the set up", but it worked for me, so thought I'd pass it on, might help somebody hopefully.
  14. Alan Cutler (Adge) - Dorset AO

    Cabling on Steering Column - IVA?

    Question for you experts if you would be so kind. Have cable tied some of the myriad of wires going to the dash on my 250 directly onto the steering column (outer obviously!). Is this acceptable for IVA? Also blatantly copied some of the S2000 build locations for fuses (thank you), so presume this is ok IVA wise? This is what it looks like from footwell. And from above Thanks in anticipation of your learned advice.
  15. Julian Turner - Westfield Sportscars Ltd


    Just to keep everyone informed. We are currently speaking, and writing, to the authorities regarding the IVA and registration process to understand why it has changed and to ensure the authorities understand the consequences of some of the requests to WSCC members and owners. If you receive an odd request from the DVLA (modifying the chassis etc) then please let us know by email. We need to know the name of the person you spoke to, the time, date and brief of the discussion held. We will then take this up directly with them. Please do not undertake the odd request until we confirm it is correct to do so. If you are unsure please contact us anyway and we can assist. Email address to send the information to: Mark.Walker@Westfield-sportscars.co.uk We have made other Niche Manufacturers aware of this problem through the Niche Vehicle Network, so we will see if others have had similar problems I can only apologise for this happening and we will put pressure on the authorities to sort this out asap
  16. Andrew O Byrne White - Ireland AO

    Donor disposal

    Hi all, Finally managed to finish stripping out my donor mx5. 2 questions: Is there anything in particular I need to do to dispose of the body so I don't have difficulty with the IVA at a later date? (Remove the VIN plate for instance?) Has anyone had a donor body taken away by anyone in the Birmingham area they can reccommend? Cheers! Andrew
  17. Chuckie

    Catalytic Converters

    I have an unfinished project on the go and following some personal events in my life last year, have been spurred back into life to get it finished. I have been reviewing the latest IVA regs and am led to believe I now need to run a CAT? Rather than replacing the standard exhaust system that I had already sourced, I was wondering about modifying the system to except a CAT similar to this;- http://ramair-filters.co.uk/catalysts-cats/ramair-catalyst-sports-cat-altenative.html Has anybody got an experiences to share? (1.8L Zetec, Silvertop, '94)
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