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Raising the dead

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Looking for parts

Paul Aspden The 2nd


Ok so this is the start. The car get's picked up on Friday so we can then pick through everything in detail but immediately I am going to need to source the following so if anyone want's to sell the following it would be greatly appreciated:


For the whole car:


  • New chassis (this will be ordered from Westfield)
  • 4 Adjustable shocks
  • Front Roll bar plus rose joints
  • Rear Roll bar plus rose joints
  • Alternator
  • Full set of wheels or two to replace the broken ones


For the drivers side front:


  • Upper wish bone
  • Lower wish bone


For the drivers side rear:


  • Upright for sierra I believe 
  • Upper wish bone plus rose joints
  • Lower wish bone plus rose joints
  • Driveshaft and CV joints


Also looking for advice on what wide band O2 sensor kit would work with the OMEX 600 ECU along with advice on wether running and ISV with the Jenvey's is worth while?



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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary


Following the Build Thread, with interest!


Incidentally, great to see you've started a regular thread!


The Club provided the blog section as it was a popular request, and many like them. However, in all honesty, while they're great if all you want is to essential publish posts on-line for others to read, if you're looking for help advice and plenty of two way information swapping, then you'll get way more feedback in the Build Threads section, or Tech Talk for that matter.


The beauty of posts in that section, especially with plenty of photos, particularly for less experienced builders, is that sometimes fellow members can either see potential issues before they become tricky to correct problems, and before they become obvious enough to ask about by the builder,  and also, to be able to help with short cuts/easier ways of doing things. And of course, reading build threads by experienced builders is a great way for others to also be inspired and pick up useful hints etc.


It's great to see this car heading back to the road - I've been part of the convoy following it and it's previous owner Steve, down to Stoneleigh for the annual show, many, many years now.

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