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Tel's Tales

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Tel's Tales Curborough, Aintree and 3 Sisters, Aug 2018

Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary



Tel’s `Tales



So here is a roundup of the last 3 events I attended


Curborough Fig 8

There were 7 Westfields competing at the popular but very slow 2 lap event and we has=d 2 practice and 2 timed runs. It was good to see Howard Gaskin back out and he had installed another gearbox and hydraulic clutch release in a short space of time since it failed at his last event. In P1 I suddenly experienced an intermittent misfire that happened at high revs (so for men that was all the time) and despite my valiant attempts at changing sensors and checking wiring I could not sure the problem and in the paddock the engine  ran perfectly which was very frustrating. I even suspected my Quickshifter was faulty but it was ok. Steve Everall had a sticking throttle cable was was easily cured by easing the route to the throttle bodies. He then suffered a bit of a problem with overheating but that turned out to be the earth wire that had come adrift from the fan so was an easy fix.

P2 saw John Loudon putting in a fast time and me still struggling

T1 and T2 saw the following results

Mathew Haynes 101 points

Howard Gaskin 99.41 points

Steve Everall 91.06 points

Johnn Loudon 101 points

Terry Everall 94.1 points

Garry Bunn 94.90 points

Derek Hodder 94.25 p[oints


As you can see by my lack of details I point most of the day under my bonnet  as well as cursing and swearing at the car as it misfired on every run. I even left early! After the weekend and a lot of head scratching I diagnosed the problem as a faulty wire connection to the Cam Sensor.

Well done to John and Mathew on their big points haul.


Aintree Sat 1/9/18

5 Westfields this time comprising me, Steve, John Loudon, Mick Skidmore and Chris Griffiths in his Millington Diamond engined car. We walked the track on Friday night and as well as telling stories about past events involving the Flymo , John’s wheel falling off, Richard Carroll driving down one of the golf course fairways awe found lots of noice golf balls for me to use.IO chad my fingers crossed that my car would run ok after the Curborough frustrations and both John and I were after good points.

P1 and P2 saw Chrid Griffiths using his big power and posting the best Westfield times (which he did all day). T1 saw John bang in a great banker by breaking my old record from 2015. Steve was reporting a b=ig vibration in the car but we could not find the problem until we got to 3 sisters ready for the Sunday event. I found a cracked chassis rail behind the diff mounting points which is a common problem!


Final times were

John Loudon 45.23 secs (101.25 points)

Terry Everall 45.95 secs

Chris Griffiths 44.49 secs

Mick Skidmore 49.94 secs

Steve Everall 52.01 secs


3 Sisters 2/9/18

Today I wanted revenge over John as he beat me yesterday and we both needed good points. I also was supposed to be at my granddaughter’s 18th birthday party at 6pm back in York so no pressure then! The day started quite cool with thick cloud but it stayed dry and track conditions were perfect as was our paddock positions on the nice tarmac of the pits.  7 Westfields put-on a great display against all the other cars and Lotus 7 cars.

P1 and Steve was still getting bad vibrations but I was on a mission and broke the class record straight away even though I was using my old practice tyres.  The day went quite quickly despite  a single seater visiting a tyre wall and another single seater blowing its engine.  John and I went even quicker in P2 and several others were blowing away the records.

After T1 Steve and I packed up and left so I could get to the important party but the final scores were as follows

Terry Everall 72.28 secs ( 3rd fastest overall)

John Loudon 72.40 secs ( 4th fastest overall)

Garry Bunn 73.11 secs ( 5th fastest overall)

Howard Gaskin 76.27 secs ( 8th tastes overall)

Mick Skidmore 77.46 secs

Richard Houlgate 79.74 secs

Steve Everall 83.21 secs (affected by chassis vibration)


All in all a good showing by the speed series guys despite some technical gremlins and 4 people beat there target times.



Terry Everall

Class G competitor



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