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Pre Race Nerves



So I thought I would write a blog about my venture into circuit racing.

Last year I had my first competitive events, in the form of WSCC SS events at Castle Combe and at Blyton. I enjoyed them both immensely, but I have always wanted to race others on the track, not just against the clock.

So, I did a bit of work to the car over the winter……..including:

1. Fitting a second kill switch

2. Fitting a fire extinguisher

3. Fitting ARB's front and rear

4. Getting new springs and a full set up (thanks Adam;) at Clear)

5. Getting an engine tweak (Blink ported the polished the head, new cams and remap making 182 bhp)

6. New wet tyres (Toyo R1R's)

7. New dry tyres (Avon ZZR's in medium)

8. New wheels for above

9. New radiator

10. New front disks and pads

11. Removal of dynok sheet and spray paint the interior black

12. New HANS system

13. New helmet

14. Fitted transponder

Amongst many, many other little things.

I done a track day at Donny in May and Combe in June in preparation, the car is finally running well and I have the following races booked:

17th July at Combe (double header)

21st August at Pembery (double header)

4th September at Donny (40 minute race)

The first two meetings are with the Welsh Sports and Saloon Championship and the Donny round with the CSCC.

To say i'm nervous, penniless and feeling totally underprepared would be the understatement of the year. In all honest I have not been able to think about anything else for the past few months. I even found myself on the tube on Tuesday getting off at the wrong stop. I was visualising the perfect lap at Combe and jumped off in deep thought!

So I hope to keep this blog up to date. Please let me have your thoughts/advice and wish me luck….I'm well and truly going to need it.

Oh, and why the title? Well i always fill up the lawn mower can up at the same time as my track day cans. My Mountfield RS 100 only uses the best!



Recommended Comments

Full report soon. 


What a day (Sunday btw and the day of my two races)


Amazing. What a buzz really hard to explain if I am honest. It was superb. Every bit as great and more then I was expecting. (Dave - your really need to do this!)


Does anyone know how to upload Go Pro footage? I have the two races on Go Pro but the last time I tried to upload I had to leave it overnight to do more then about three laps?



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