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Reports from our Speed Series Correspondent


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Tel's Tales Issue 031- Prescott 2014

Report by James Alexander Apologies for the delay in preparing this blog but I have been on a Site Supervisors Health and Safety Course all week.... enough to drive any one insane! Prescott Hill is owned by the Bugatti Owners Club and as such is one of the old classics in the Hillclimb world. Situated in gorgeous woodland on the edge of the Winchcombe hills it really is typically Cotswold's (£4.50 a pint and £12 quid for a burger but more of that later). The weather was set fair for the weeken

Tel's Tales Anglesey 7th and 8th April 2018

Tel’s Tales Anglesey Sat/Sun  7th and 8th April 2018 After a very disappointing Easter Monday event at Croft which was wet, freezing cold and probably should never have started about 10 drivers were entered for this LDMC extravaganza attended by approx. 70 cars. The Croft event was abandoned before any timed runs had been offered, so we all scored a miserable 75 points (I will be discarding that score). We all arrived on Friday to find plenty of room in an almost empty paddock and

Tel's Tales Issue 034- Curborough 6th July 2014

Tel's Tales 034– Curborough 2 laps 6th July 2014 I spent the week before this event looking at the weather forecast as well as changing my fuel pump, coil sticks, fuses and checking the wiring loom to ensure the Aintree electrical gremlin had been eliminated. Well the forecast was dry am with possible downpours and heavy rain from 1500hrs onwards so the sprint was gong to be tricky. Got up at 0500hrs for the 0530hrs start and met brother Steve at Ferrybridge on the A1to travel in our usual conv

Tel's Tales Issue 068 - 9th and 10th July 2016

Blyton Westfield Sprint weekend 9th and 10th July 2016 Introduction This was the long awaited Westfield organised Sprint weekend and also a Friday trackday attended by many Westfileds and a few Competitors. Much work had been put in by John Williams and his team of helpers and by this time they have already received our thanks. The weekend also saw a great effort in raising approx £730 funds for “Hope for Cancer” charity which was well supported and offered nice cakes and a raffle. Many

Tel's Tales Blyton July 2017

Tel’s Tales Blyton July  weekend 2017   Well as I look back at the Friday trackday (on two track layouts) plus Saturday and Sunday sprints, it seems that absolutely everyone had a fantastic weekend of motorsport, sun, bbq, gluten free meal deal, beer, buying and selling T Shirts for charity as well as support from families and club members. There was so much happening that I apologise in advance for missing or not mentioning stuff, events, praise, insults, leg pulling, car repairs

Tel's Tales Issue 056 -Curborough Fig 8 August 2015

TEL's TALE's 056/2015 Curborough Figure of 8 : 2015 A big break for several competitors since Blyton saw a split of events betweeen the Loton Park hillclimb weekend (which seemed a little expensive to me) and Curborough. Clearly I chose Curborough having enjoyed the new layout last year. There were 8 Westfield's as Adrian Clinton Watkins had withdrawn and was going to Loton Park. An early start for me and Steve as usual saw us arrive bang on 0730hrs for me to find that some pea brained C

2013 Speed Series Reports - Part 2

Tel's Tales – Issue 002 Speed Series 2013 Terry Everall Speed Series Correspondent Chit chat I hope those that are interested have had a look at the “Beginners Guide” on the website as I have now updated the information etc. Its amazing what you think you know but don't and it only becomes evident when you have a detailed question and you have to search through regulations and classes etc in attempt to come with black and white advice. If you dont like or agree with any advice given then ref

Tel's Tales Issue 027- Croft 2014

Tel's Tales 027 – Easter Monday at Croft 21 April 2014 Following the 3 Sisters sprint a few people had repairs to make. Matt Turner had discovered the correct way to fit a clutch to his R1 and was back in action and I had a completely rebuilt Flatshifter fitted after it failed to provide ignition cut last time out, making gear shift slow. There were 18 WSCC drivers so a good turnout and the weather was a bit nippy but dry and at times sunny and after the earlier forecasts during the week, which

Tel's Tales Issue 041 Ty Croes October Weekend 2014

Tel's Tales 041– Ty Croes 4th & 5th Sept 2014 Well thats it......the season is over and unlike other years it did not all come down to the last weekend to see who had won! The weekend saw 19 entries on Saturday and 18 on Sunday so a good showing from the club. There was atrackday on the Friday and a few of us arrived early Friday afternoon to catch the back end of the action and prepare our cars and in a few cases our beds in the trailers for the night. And what a night it was with torrent

Tel's Tales Issue 058 -Anglesey October 2015

TEL's TALE's 057/2015 Ty Croes Oct Weekend: 2015 This was the weekend showdown when everyone wanted to improve or consolidate their position in the various categories and championships with the biggest battle between John Hoyle and Adrian Clinton Watkins (ACW) for the overall championship position. John Loudon and myself were trying hard to stay near the top and Tim Nunn also wanted more points. The Novice championship was also up for grabs. The event was run by the Longton and District

Tel's Tales Blyton July 2019

Blyton weekend 13th/14thJuly 2019   As usual the trackday on Friday was well attended and most people were very happy with their track time and the open pit lane as well as the tuition package offered by Alan and Nick Mugglestone of Triple M Motorsport. Mick Dent was out practicing but his car suffered brake binding , a failed bottom rose joint on his ARB and the threaded end of his flatshifter sheread off. Good use was made of the phone so that a die was obtained to rethread the gears

Tel's Tales Issue 004

Tel's tales Issue 004- March 2013 Speed Series Terry Everall Speed Series Correpondent Castle Coombe 23rd March 2013 Report by Stu Hill ( Woodman) / Terry Everall Well we are off at last into the new 2013 season, not so much a flying start but more like a damp squib! Many competitors still seem to be building engines or putting cars together so well done to theose that got ready on time. It never ceases to amaze me how every year its always down to the last minute. Due to a massive 50% ov

Tel's Tales Issue 051 -Barbon June 2015

Barbon Hill Climb 13/06/2015 Report by Howard Gaskin Barbon is a new event to the Speed Series calendar although it has been around since 1950 and hosts a round of the British Hillclimb Championship each year. It’s the shortest hillclimb in the UK at 890 yards but nevertheless quite fast and furious, akin to Shelsley or Gurston. I arrived Friday evening to find Mark Schlanker already there, and perhaps one other small group. A pleasant evening was spent eating, chatting, walking the

Tel's Tales Issue 035- Blyton July 2014

Tel's Tales 035– Blyton Park 12th and 13th July 2014 Well I don't know where to start really as there was so much going on it was hard to record or remember all the good and bad bits. Firstly I have to say that as our own WSCC organised event this was very well managed and executed by Nick Algar and all the team of volunteers to which are thanks go are offered. Steve and myself set off early Friday afternoon to get settled in before the rush of competitors. It was good to see lots of Westfields

Tel's Tales Issue 046 -Blyton 2 Lapper 2015

Tel's Tales 046– 2015 Season- Blyton 2 Lapper 19th April 2015 So what would this new event be like? Everyone thought that 3 Sisters was cold but with an easterly wind today was every bit as cold and seemed to cut through your clothing reminding us that summer was not yet here! Steve was meeting me en route and despite me giving him instructions from the M18/M180/A15 etc he still nearly got lost. There were 12 Westfields taking part out of an entry of 30 cars and if the MDA club's Regs had been

Tel's Tales Issue 042 - Feb 2015

Tel's Tales 042– 2015 Season preparation It seems a long time since the November 2014 awards night and the Speed Series Committee meeting held the day after. 2014 had been a successful season but one or two issues were considered for improvement in an effort to make a level playing field for all competitors no matter what class they enter or what car they drive! After many exchanges of ideas and god knows how many emails and telephone calls we have a published set of Draft regs (awaiting MSA ap

Tel's Tales Issue 063 Harewood May 2016

TEL's TALE's 063/16 Harewood Hillclimb 7 & 8 May 2016 This is the only hllclimb I usually do as it is 25mins from where I live, its in god's own county and I used to spend lots of time when I was about about 16 yrs old watching along with crowds of approxiately 1000 to 2000 people. How times have changed! Even the RAC rally used it as a special stage and its other claim to fame is that its the longest hillclimb in England. Saturday Eight speed series guys were entered for both Sat

Pembrey Weekend 2017

Tel’s Tales Pembrey June weekend 2017   After a 7 hours 297mile drive I arrived at about 1845hrs and was pleased to see my Westfield mates had adopted the best paddock position and saved a place for my motorhome and trailer. I thought I would break out the beer but was told I could sign on and be scrutineered straight away so that was a big plus meaning a relaxing Sat morning start. Good organisation I thought……unfortunately the weekend did not run smoothly for a range of annoying

Tel's Tales Three Sisters 4th Aug 2019

Tel’s Tales 3 Sisters 4th Aug 2019   This weekend saw 4 Westfields competing at Hethel and 4 at 3 Sisters where I was. John Hoyle was in class F whilst myself, Steve and Matt were in class G. In some ways this was a strange  event for Longton and District Motor Club as there were only 43 drivers taking part. The day ran well and the predicted heavy rain started at 1500hrs but by then we had completed 1 Practice and 8 Timed runs so it was great value for money and the competition was ke

Tel's Tales Issue 003

Tel's Tales Issue 003 - 19th march 2013 Speed Series 2013 Terry Everall Speed Series Correspondent Preparation for a Sprint/Hillclimb Well the season is about to start with Castle Coombe this coming weekend so I thought I would write a few words about preparation and the event process. I will assume you are trailering the car etc. On the day before the event (or earlier) fuel up and fully charge the battery. Check oil level and water levels are ok and set tyre pressure at around 18psi if u

Tel's Tales Issue 050 -Pembrey May 2015

Tel's Tales 050– 2015 Season- Pembrey 30th and 31th May 2015 The Pembrey weekend which has been so popular in the past had only 8 Westfields plus Matt Hillam making the long trip to south Wales. Three members of the Yorkshire Mafia team (John, Steve and myself) fought our way down the A1, M42,M5,M50,M4 and took about 7hours to do the 295 miles in my case. We had the usual trackwalk and met up with the gang including John Loudon who appeared to be developing Man Flu. The paddock looked a bit emp

Tel's Tales Issue 043 - Rockingham 2015

Tel's Tales 043– 2015 Season- Rockingham 22nd March 2015 Well this was it, the start of the new 2015 season for 12 Westfield guys to clear the cobwebs and prove that their winter mods worked and their driving had not gone rusty over the winter period. It was clear that any New Year's Resolutions in terms of dieting and losing weight (rather than paying for more bhp!) had been long forgotten and last years overalls were still a skin tight fit for some. So there was 1 class A, 4 class B, 1 class

Tel's Tales Issue 062/16 Ty Croes April/May 2016

TEL's TALE's 062/16 Ty Croes, Anglesey 30 April- 1 May 2016 Well what a miserable showing from the Speed Series guys. Just myself and John Loudon showed up and with an entry of only 68 the MGCC were making a big loss on the weekend and are contemplating whetehr to run it next year and that would be a shame as its one of the favourite venues with 2 different circuits over the weekend. As my motorhome was ready until next week I had to sleep in the trailer again. The forecast was below zer

Tel's Tales Issue 065 Pembrey weekend June 2016

For those who have not had the opportunity to visit, Pembrey is an airfield circuit located on the south west coast of Wales, about 20 minutes beyond Llanelli. Known as ‘The Home of Welsh Motorsport’, it hosts car, truck and bike racing as well as rally cross, tarmac rallies, track days, karting and driving experiences along with an annual sprint for National A and National B competitors. Facilities include a spacious concrete paddock, plenty of grass areas for camping, toilets, showers, restaur

Tel's Tales Issue 069 Three Sisters 30 July 2016

TEL's TALE's 069/16 Three Sisters 30th July 2016 This was the second visit to the Three Sisters track near Wigan and used course number 2 again. A total of 9 Speed Series guys were entered and the weather forecast was good and indeed it stayed dry all day. I was on holiday in the south of France and did not leave Nimes airport until 1030hrs Friday and in less than 24 hrs, by 0715hrs Saturday, I was in the paddock and ready to rumble. It was good to see Graham Frankland taravelling north
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