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All Parts Sellers & Buyers - Please Read This First!

Captain Colonial

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Captain Colonial

Hello all :)


Just a few quick points before posting your For Sale ad, which will help everyone - and a point to buyers as well.


To the seller

  • Please do not post adverts on behalf of non-WSCC members, as this is against club rules and such adverts will be removed
  • You may post an advert on behalf of another WSCC member if they are not computer literate and cannot do so themselves
  • As there are occasional and sad circumstances where an existing or lapsed member is no longer able to post, you may also post an advert providing you have the OK from the committee
  • The selling of a vehicle log book without the associated chassis and/or sufficient parts necessary to be legally described as a genuine donor kit is prohibited. Any such ad will be deleted by the Moderation Team and the member warned
  • Be prepared for fun and games if you decide to advertise your parts in other places such as auction or social media sites and please, if you do, make sure you say so in your advert
  • When you have successfully completed the sale, please edit your original post and topic title (using the "Use Full Editor" option) to indicate is has been "Sold!". It can be quite a let-down for excited people with money to spend to spot something for sale, only to read through a long thread and find out it's no longer available, as I'm sure you can appreciate. Marking it as "Sold!" is the polite thing to do!


Thank you for your cooperation, and best of luck with your sale! :t-up:


To the buyer

  • Do not post "dibs" or "first dibs" - this isn't primary school. If you want it, just make the effort and buy it. Posting up "dibs" can result in others turning away from the ad, and if the person who posted "dibs" then changes their mind, the seller has to start all over again. Any response post in the Parts For Sale section containing "dibs" may be deleted at the absolute discretion of the Moderation Team - you have been politely warned! :t-up:
  • Although we are good bunch with much integrity, please do remember the old adage of "buyer beware"
  • Please do pay as soon as you can and within the limits agreed with the seller




The WSCC holds no responsibility or accountability for parts bought and sold. The Club merely facilitates the advertising of such things as member benefit and does not provide a transactional service.


Thank you...

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