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Age related registration


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Hi All,

I'm about to dispose of my donor and was wondering about the age related plate situation.

I would like to keep the donor registration.


When the scrappy turns up do I pass the V5 to him ?


Do I need to remove the VIN plate and chassis number ? (I don't want the neighbours to think I'm ringing cars !;)

and keep the V5,then tell the DVLA that I've scrapped the car ?


Do I tell the DVLA that I intend to keep the registration details, of the donor for my kit.

Or something else.

Confused ??????




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You need the V5    I would cut out the vin plates and if VOR don't need then they can bin them, if you need them and have given them away it too late it has to be a single donor car so even if it not just tell them it was the only tracably bit it the engine and body.


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Thanks for the info.

I phone the DVLA today and they said basically the same.

Keep hold of the V5 and remove any indetification from the car i.e. VIN and chassis number.

So I've cut out both.

The neighbours are starting to get really suspicious now !

Clanger ;)

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