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Hi guys.Have been told there is a mod that must be done to the crank breather in the cam cover.Any ideas??? Also,any thoughts on catch tanks etc.   cheers. :zzz:

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Yes. In order to stop the engine depositing its oil at anything above a sustained 6000 rpm you will need to remove the cam cover from the head to carry out the modification. Turn it upside down and you will see a steel plate bolted to the upper surface. At high engine speed a pressure build up in the crankcase forces oil up into the camshaft cover cavity (from the big diameter pipe / hose that houses the dipstick) and out through the breather holes. Remove the cam cover and cut 90% of the steel plate away leaving a small bit to cover the oil sprayed from the inlet cam where the two holes (one large one small) come out for the breather. The idea is that any oil splashed from the cam doesn't escape via the breather holes. The plate you are left with can be re-secured with just 2 of the original bolts. Be very careful to clean away all the silicon sealant from the camshaft cover otherwise contamination in the sump can have disasterous consequences (i.e. block oilways). The little plate should be resealed to the head with some fresh RTV sealant (obtainable from any good motor factors) to stop it vibrating loose.  



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