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Sidescreens - help!


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I've nearly finished my Speedsport 1800 module build. I've got the car through the SVA test and now I'm looking at fitting the weather gear.  According to the manual there should be holes in the sidescreen frames to fix to the the hinges, but I can't find them.  Is the manual just out of date?  Do I need to drill my own (contrary to what the manual says), or is there something wrong with my sidescreens?


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Do I need to drill my own ?....

......I remember having to mark and drill my own to fit. Take care to line up the side screen where it meets the wheel arch to get a good fit. Also make sure the height in relation to the front screen is right as the top must "tuck in" to the hood properly to make a weather proof seal!

       Also you could make the bottom hinge slot in a couple of millemeters before the top one to help when replacing the screens as it can be a pain trying to get both lined up together.......good luck.

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On my SpeedSport, I did not have to drill the holes, they were there already there but very well hidden.

Here is the procedure for finding them:-

Stick masking tape down the hinge side of the side screen. Using a pin or needle, prod the vinyl around the area where you expect to find the hinge pin holes (offer the side screen up to the pillar to get an 'educated' assessment of this). As you find each hole, leave the pin in place and mark the pin's entry point on the masking tape with a pencil before removing the pin.

When you have found and marked each hole, widen it ready for the stainless steel bolt (5mm from memory) to fit through.

It worked for me!!


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Thanks for the help.  I found the holes in the end & the sidescreens are now fitted.  I just have to wait for the registration now, roll on the 1st March :D

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