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Racing prises


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Are you sure you mean racing. I have not bothered to answer most subjects saying racing because they generally mean sprinting or in the last case, track days. It would also help if the question was posted in the racing section.

Generally NO. The only time there is prize money available is if the series is 'sponsored'. Our series the 'BARC Westfield Sports car championship' is not sponsored (Both the BARC and the factory are the organisers) so there is no prize money. If it was called the 'Halfords BARC Westfield sports car championship', then the deal is for Halfords to make available a certain amount of prize money. This money only usually goes to the first few finishers, so can be a little unfair in club racing. The other alternative is that Halfords would subsidise the entry fees so it would cost 100 pounds instead of 120 pounds to enter. This is fairer for everyone.

So in general, if the series has a sponsor in the title there is probably prize money. If not then there probably isn't.

I guess this would be the same situation for the WSCC speed championship and sprinting in general.

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The WSCC Speed Series is sponsored (by 6 companies in 2001 and 10 companies in 2002)   :D

The sponsorship amounts are not huge and as its a club organised championship contribute towards the admin and running costs together with end of season awards.

The WSCC Speed Series is financially independent from the general club activities.  :)

And everyone competes for the fun of it as with 99% of local and club championships - so if you're looking to earn money, club motorsport ain't it  :(

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