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insurance value

jon fry

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hi i am collecting a 1988 westfield se narrow body on sunday and am currently getting quotes for insurance

however i feel that i am getting a bargain with the car and wanted some more poinions on a value for the insurance company.

the engine is a 1700xflow with lightened flywheel, twin dellortos, fast cam, compomotive alloys, full weather kit including tonneau

any ideas will be welcome


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I bought my 91 1700 X/flow SEi Widebody last summer for 5.5k with full weathergear, full tonneau, car cover, high back adjustable seats and some spares.

Hope this is of some help.

Chris :t-up:

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I bought my 89 se narrow last year for £4200, but the engine was knackered. In the end it cost me £250 for new rings/re-build. But now it's just dandy.. :love:

Be careful when choosing insurance policies/companies, some simply offer you a market rate for the cost of the parts of your car, pretty much next to nothing. Others offer a valuation - whereby you get the car valued via a club, (like the wscc), include some pickies of it, and they guarantee to shell out based on this value. Mine is valued at £5000 and therefore I feel fairly happy I can get another in the case of a total loss.


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I wrote mine off and Footman James asked for a copy of all the receipts from when I built it

This totalled about 15k in all and after a bit of haggling with the loss adjuster (he just looked in kit car mag for latest prices of same age car to start with) they paid out in full the car was 2 1/2 years old with 7500 miles on it.

They were very good and even sold the wreck back to me for 1500

I have now nearly completed building the new one with most of the old parts with new chassis and body etc.

So make sure you keep all receipts of any work you have done/parts fitted including rolling road/tuning stuff.

Happy times ahead

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