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Picking Westy on Sunday Morning :)


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Hi All,

I am handing over my hard earned cash for a '98 Red 2.0 VX Westy on sunday morning.  Ive never driven one before (not even in the test drive) so its one of those purchases you just have to believe will be a good choice  :love:

When I get it back from London to sunny Essex what sort of checks should I do on it?  I know it has not been driven for a couple of months and could probably do with some sort of service.

Great Club site btw.

Keith. :t-up:

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You're confident - not sure I'd buy a Westy without having driven it.

Actually I'd do some checks before departing - oil, coolant, tyre pressures (around 20psi), make sure electrical things like wipers and lights work, wheel nuts are done up properly, etc., etc.

There's a whole host of things you could check when you get the car home - brake fluid, gearbox oil level, diff oil level - and there may be some things which become apparent on the drive home, e.g. clutch adjustment, whether the brakes need bleeding, etc.   Basically I'd go from one end to the other checking bolts, connections and hose clamps to make sure everything is as it should be.

BTW, where abouts in Essex are you.  This Sunday the Essex area of the WSCC are meeting up at the Lodge in South Woodham Ferrers - might be an ideal opportunity to meet some like minded owners.  They're a pretty friendly crowd :)

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Hi Keith,

Well I hope you enjoy the car and welcome 2 the club.... Just following on from Nick I assume you've seen/heard it running? if so does it start ok etc?? Also check that the front and rear  top/bottom wish bones and make sure they've not bent from accident damage thro'... shall we say enthusastic driving. A good visual check should be ok (do it B4 U hand yr wedge over) make sure there's no flatspot/play in the steering.

Whats the mileage?

Hopefully u'll have got away with this one and have a good car, but it is a case of caviet emptor(I think thats how u spell it?) "let the buyer beware".

Good look anyway, it will be worth going 2 yr area meeting and getting Nick and the boyz to check it over for u.

It would also be worth ringing the factory and having a chat with them. They can check history and all that sort of dooffers.

I would STRONGLY recommend u drive it on sunday before you hand the dosh over, don't let yr testosterone/ego/heart rule your head. It could be an expensive one, if its a duffer.

If in doubt hold off until you can get someone who knows westfields

Hope I haven't put the willies up you. Best 2B safe than sorry


Buzz :cool:

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Where abouts in London? I live in London, and I would be happy to meet you to give it a quick once over. The weather looks nice, so I could bring my own Vx powered beast along to give the owner (and you) a bit more confidence, should you decide that an impartial commentator should drive it before you hand several grand over to a stranger!!!!

Also, make sure you HPI check it as well, it's well worth it for peace of mind.

E-mail me direct on blatmanuk@yahoo.co.uk and we can have a chat  :)

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Don't let your heart rule your head - always take any car for a thorough test drive and have it checked over before parting with your hard earned cash.

A Westfield second hand purchase is no different to any other car. In fact it may have more pitfalls than your standard Ghia, Gti Wotsit.

Sorry to be a downer - If it's been looked after and treated well - You could have a fantastic car. Just use a thorough logical process in your purchase.

And the club guys down south will help you out - all you have to do is ask.

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Hi Keith,

Well worth test driving it or better still, get someone who is familiar with Westies to test drive it too. They are a little different to tin tops until you get used to them and someone experienced might pick up something that you might miss. Conversely, you might worry unduly about something which is not an issue.

Assuming it's OK I'd change the oil and coolant for good quality liquids of the appropriate spec as you never know how many miles it has done on them. Check gearbox and diff oil levels, brake fluid, clutch adjustment, brake pad wear, play in wheel bearings and any suspension components. Look at the spark plugs and replace if they are not in good condition. Replace / clean air and fuel filters if dirty. Check gear shift for play, handbrake for adjustment, etc.

It might be worth shelling out for an MOT just for peace of mind. You might get a chance to look under it on the ramps and check for anything amiss underneath. Also an emissions check would tell you something about how well the carbs / injection's set up.

Before setting out on any long journeys fill it up with fuel and watch how the gauge reads as you use the fuel. They are all different and until you get used to yours, and the speed at which a Westie can chow through the tiny fuel tank it's easy to get caught out - the voice of experience.


Hope it turns out well and wish you much happy motoring - it will never be the same again!


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Hi Guys (& Guls),

Thanks for all the tips on here.

Yep its a bit of a risky purchase for me being a 'newbie' but you have to start some where.  I got a good price for the car compared to what others are selling so if something does need doing to it theres budget for it.

I completed the HPI check which didnt tell me alot apart from its a westfield and its red.  There was nothing else to report which is a good thing.

When I went down to view the car I went with my neighbour who has a lot of experience on vauxhall engines, he had a good look over the car.  Admittable we can only do so much as we arent westfield experts but what I did look for was attention to detail to get a gauge of 'how much lovin' he put into building the car.  The conclusion for me was it was well built and looked after.  

It amused me to see the history of the car when your used to seeing, services and MOTS's only.  I got handed a folder of around 100 recipts/invoices for when the car got built.  Everything was in there that I could think of which also reassured me.

Westfields are a tricky business to get in to for the novice but it would be even harder if it was not for the internet and resources/clubs like this...good show!

Blatman, Ive emailed your yahoo account.

Where abouts if that meet in essex tomorow and at what time if I can work out how to drive the car I will go along to it!

Enclosed is some pictures of the car.



<grumble have to upload to an ftp site for the pictures......>

Job done....




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Looks good - and hopefully the rest of it is as good as it looks.

Do check the things that have been suggested above though - there can't be many things more annoying than shelling out for a car and discovering it isn't quite what you thought it'd be.

Anyway, the meeting in Essex is in South Woodham Ferrers at a pub called the Lodge - halfway on the main road between the Rettendon turnpike roundabout and South Woodham Ferrers.  People tend to start meeting there from about 12.30 onwards.  Ask for John London or David Crowdell.  If I'm not sailing I'll try and get along.


Nick Milton

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If a picture tells a thousand words, then so far so good - it looks lovely!

That the owner has kept all the receipts for it's purchase is a good sign too as if they didn't care too much they would have gone in the bin with the various wrappers.

I hope the car is a good'un and that you have as much pleasure from it as I have from mine.

Let the fun begin ....


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Hi Keith

Well the picture says alot assuming everything is ok under the skin then it looks like you've got a good un'.

Enjoy... treat it with respect until u get 2 grips, westies do bite back!!

Nice car

Regards  Buzz :cool:

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Looks loverly.  I am currently looking for one - id love a similar spec to what you have there.  What year was it made - and would you mind letting me know what you paid for it - ill understand of course if you dont. My budget is 7-8K max - could i get something like youve got for that or am i dreaming?? - i would guess im dreaming :-(

cheers and good luck with it.


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