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Hi folks I am what you all call a newbie. I have just rebuilt my xflow after 1 days use after buying it when it decided to throw a ring on no.1 and no.2 decided it was a good idea to start melting the top of the piston. What my question is now that I have rebuilt the engine what sort of run ning in period should i be looking at. At present I am not revving it over 3000rpm untill I have done at least 100 miles and I am ensuring that I am accelerating slowly between gears.

many thanks for any suggestions as to durations or mileages


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Depends on who you believe.

Some would say you've done it wrong already, others that you should keep doing what you're doing and then change the oil and check everything over in another 100 miles or so.

Have a read of this

IMH experience the best way to get an engine loosen up nicely after a few thousand miles is to rag it from day one, however this may not be sensible if you're planning on keeping it for 50k miles.

General consensus seems to be that it's worse to lug it than thrash it.

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Thanks sam

only done 30 miles since rebuild took a lot of time building it but seems like I need to let it have a bit now and again and see what happens have got another 711m short block just in case

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