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Thanks to Ian aka Bagpuss


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19 minutes ago, s2rrr said:

Many thanks to Ian for helping me resolve an electrical problem with my Westfield. I was quite concerned that I had done some serious damage but it turned out to be reasonably simple once steered in the right direction by Mr K.

Thanks again


@Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO is certainly very helpful! :yes:

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1 hour ago, TableLeg said:

I’ll Second that 👍 , Ian has helped me on numerous occasions even simplifying things for me when his answers to my questions baffle me 😂.


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Bob, You are back! Does that mean you are back and in a Westfield, I hope so!


Ian has helped us too, saved us hundreds in auto electrician fees, he's grrrreat.

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Hi Julie, I am, been home for a while but like everyone else keeping sensibly isolated. Managed to catch with a load of jobs on my house also a few jobs on tbe Westfield, upgraded brake pads, steering wheel push button controls done. Now heading for an upgraded radiator. Starting investigation and measuring today. Hope you are well, 2nd jabs in 9 days can't wait. Then maybe a little swansong workbreak and back to USA with my new wife.

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