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new to westfield ownership

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Good morning im new to the group and also wetsfield ownership so very green .

saying that i have jumped into the deep end and not too great at swimming yet so hope the group can help me out on this journey "and mid life crisis" 

i have purchased a 1993 seight that has been used in the past as a track day toy by its former owners.

the car has a recently new engine fitted that is 4.6litre JE engineering based on a holley carb and running t5 gearbox.

as you can imagine its very interesting to drive." as most of my other cars are diesel powered .vans and landrovers .

it needs some tlc in places but is all on the road and running ,

the plan is to run and enjoy it this summer then in the winter put her on the ramp and do all the jobs to put my stamp on the car .(new paint ,etc ) but for now i just want to tinker and enjoy my new toy ..



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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

Welcome! That sounds an amazing first Westfield! :laugh: 👍


We love photos... 😉 

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Sean Walsh - Devon and Somerset AO

Hi and welcome,

Plenty of knowledgeable folks on here that can answer questions and give advice and all very helpful and welcoming.

Not sure where you are based but there are local meets and events that will give you the opportunity to meet others etc.

Hope that you get to enjoy many fun mles!


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Gary Taylor

Welcome, hope you get lots of enjoyment with her.

Remember pictures are compulsory lol and if you pop up your rough location it’ll help you make contact with other owners .

there’s lots of help here if and when needed, above all enjoy.

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Welcome from South Derbyshire!


I like your style, jumping in with both feet with a huge V8! 😂

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Chris King
1 hour ago, Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary said:

We love photos

Yeah - no pics and it didn’t happen 😁

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Heroic choice. I did exactly the same last summer, jumping in with a 1993 V8 powered ex-hill climb race car, with 255bhp. It's been great fun so far and I trust your experience will be similar. 1956109671_SEiGHThillclimb.thumb.JPG.049a1608a6ab27bc013c2e83931eb66d.JPG

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