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New to WSCC SEight owner

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18 hours ago, Kerr205 said:



Straight off, it has the standard (ish) westfierld modified inlet plenum. Typically these are around 60mm dia, and with the best will in the world are really not that great. Any injected rover V8 with anything north of 250bhp, you would expect to see a different plenum with larger throttle or indeed ITB's.


irrespective, it's about enjoying the torque, and im sure it goes just fine........would be great to get it on the rollers for a power run.

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The one had dyno'd at 330 BHP, 350lbft, it was a 5.1L stroker with jenvey TBs (yes 8 of them) worked heads, dry sump and 6k rpm limited, 1000rpm in top and floor and it went like a scalded cat! To thi

Hi Guys,    I'm new on here so wanted to introduce myself.  Scottish car enthusiast, name is Kerr and owned various 7 esque Kit cars but never a Westfield. I bought a 1997 factory built

Welcome to the V8 club. Fantastic cars I had mine rolling road tested - 3.5Ltr Rover V8 - just under 200BHP and 233ft/lb. Didn't need any more.............   andrew clarke dyno plot.pd

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