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SOLD - Stack ST700 Dash Display - 0 - 10750 RPM Range / Black Dial Face

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Master O

This has been installed but never used.  Plastic film still on the face, may even have the box in the loft.


The dash will come with a ST670 speed sensor and the ST918049 sensor wiring loom which is a £160 to buy on it's own!


Total retail on this would be in the region of £800, would like £550 but I'm open to sensible offers.



Some general blurb:


The ST700 dash display system from Stack is a tachometer, sequential shift light, Speedometer and voltmeter all integrated into a reliable single 80mm diameter instrument. To enable other parameters to be monitored, the system includes 2 other configurable channels that can be set for pressure or temperature.  All that's needed are the relevant sensors to monitor up to 2 of the following -


Water temperature, Oil temperature, Air temperature, Oil pressure, Fuel pressure, Turbo boost pressure.


The ST700 has a user settable alarm feature to provide a warning for any of the monitored parameters eg - Low oil Pressure or High water temperature, plus a peak value recall facility is included to show the maximum or minimum figure reached for each parameter.


The tachometer uses Stacks legendary stepper motor to provide extremely accurate and waver free needle movement. 3 rev ranges are available from 0-8000 through to 15000 Rpm with the option of black or white dial face. The inbuilt sequential shift light features 4 ultra bright LEDs which can be set to operate in 4 different patterns - Sequential, Sequential & Blink, Bar, Simultaneous. Each light can be set individually and brightness is adjustable to suit the ambient light conditions. 


Also included in the ST700SR is a street legal speedometer display with odometer, trip meter and acceleration timer. The speed can be selected in MPH or KPH and the odometer can be set for Miles or Kilometres.


The ST700SR can be upgraded to include a lap timer and/or a neutral gear indicator, with the addition of separately available sensors.


Sorry about the poor picture, taken during trial fitting.


Stack Dash.jpg

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