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PLEASE update your adverts when your car is sold!

Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary




 On 11/04/2012 at 11:02, Captain Colonial said:

When you have successfully completed the sale of your car, please edit your original post and topic title (using the "Use Full Editor" option) to indicate is has been "Sold!". It can be quite a let-down for excited people with money to spend to spot their dream car for sale, only to read through a long thread and find out it's no longer available, as I'm sure you can appreciate. Marking it as "Sold!" is the polite thing to do!



Please, please DON'T forget to update your adverts when your car or part is sold!!


It not only drives buyers insane when they're constantly chasing adverts, only to find out it's gone, when they do manage to make contact. Worse still, it can discourage people from using the for sale sections if they just get fed up every time they try!

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