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SOld Quantum One -Zero Shocks for Sale. ***


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This set of shocks is Fully rebuil and plotted by Triple-M motorsport with less than a trackday of use. All the internals are brand new and rosejoints are nice and stiff. Bodies have usual storage marks and scratches from regular use, but nothing other than cosmetic.


They were intended to be used in the now famous Adam's Lobster but He changed the direction for something even more posh.... 


Then I took them with the Idea of using them in my car, but quitting sprinting I've gone for a more road going friendly setup.


They are a direct fit for a westfield (spacers as per any rose joined suspension will need to be procured/made) and will work straight away where a set of the usual protech/Avos were assembled.


They will be @ the stiff side for a 390kg BEC car, be about right for a track foccused CEC @ around 550kg with springs values about 400/200, and should be just fine for road with something heavier like a full tourer 600ish kg road car.


Get yourself a bargain. £***collected in chesire, or plus postage at buyers choice. This is about the same price of a brand new set of protechs, and les than half of the £1600 that they would cost brand new from Quantum.


(high definition pictures of the plot available on request if someone needs them).


Advertised elsewhere too.






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