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Now sold 2016 WESTFIELD SEiW, 2.0L Zetec C/W Omex Throttle Bodies & Omex 600ECU


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Sorry now sold subject to collection

As much as I love my current Westfield

I really want to Seriously look at building a sport 250.

But to make it happen, I would need to sell my current Westfield.

I’m just going to see if my current car is of interest to any serious buyers first.

So here are all the details on my current Westfield.

2016 WESTFIELD SEiW, 2.0L Zetec C/W Omex Throttle Bodies & Omex 600ECU,

Registered: Oct 2016 (66 Plate)

Current Mileage: 2,250 only



Electric blue gel coat, FW nose / classic rear c/w detachable rear arches

Playskool MSA roll bar

Full heated windscreen  

Full Westfield doors

Westfield half hood  

Westfield rear arch stone chip carbon effect guards  

Rain / dust cover, its only a cheap version but does the job. 


Westfield sports seats (black with blue trim)

Westfield heater kit

Lowered Floor

4-Point Titon harnesses (blue)

Quick release steering wheel

Westfield black vinyl dash / branded dials / switch set         

Black carpet set

USB socket on Dash


2lt Zetec Black top with Omex throttle bodies & Tiger Racing ERA sump

Omex 600 ECU         

Type 9 gearbox  & Quaife Sierra 5-speed short throw gear lever.

Ford 7.5” Diff – 3.64 ratio (Not LSD)

Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 black wheels c/w Toyo 205/50/15 R1R’s

Westfield 4-1 Exhaust / CAT

Westfield wide track adjustable front wishbones

Protec Alloy Bodied Adjustable Shocks

2.4 Quick Rack Steering (rally design)

Westfield branded “Hi-Spec” black brake callipers


I purchased the car aprox 2 years ago, It was built using new components with the exception of the Type 9 gearbox which was bought 2nd hand.  It was built by a Westfield club member & IVA in 2016. The car starts / runs well and I’ve had no issues in the mileage completed so far. It has never been set up on a rolling road, but would benefit from a dyno tune. It is set up for road use. It has never been used on a track. There are some small hair/line cracks in the gel coat around the cycle wing mounting bolts, general wear and tear for the year. The car has never been driven in the wet and has been kept in a garage at all times.

I’m a fully qualified mechanical engineer and have been in the industry for over 40 years.

Recent service, oil & filter & plugs.  MOT is next due  05/11/19

I have every single document from day one of the build, with photos.

Every receipt in a folder which now comes to almost £17,000 in total.

As I said at the start, I’m in no rush to sell my car, I’m just seeing if there are any genuine buyers out there looking, for a None Q plate, Genuine Westfield.

£15,999 OVNO

Club pic.jpg

D side view .jpg


half hood fitting 1.jpg

Omex 1.jpg

rear view.jpg


Stone chips guards complete 1.jpg

Ztec engine 1.jpg

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