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96 Sei Narrowbodied K series 160hp £9,000

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Hi folks,

After a lot of thought, I’m going to part ways with my ‘96 Q plate SEi. I need something that my son and I can enjoy in the future and he’s currently too small for harnesses and bucket seats.

The spec is below - the car has recently had a massive and costly amount of work done to it, which is bad timing for me and good timing for the new owner;

- new Protech shocks
- full suspension bush replacement
- new hardline fuel lines and replacement hoses
- new MLS head gasket after failure (everything checked and refitted) - this included a cambelt and alternator belt and new waterpump - fitted by mobile K series gurus RoughLuckRacing (superb team!!!)

- new clutch, specifically matching 160 ish BHP from Rover K Series 1.8 to T9 five speed g'box
- new fluids including brake, oil, coolant, gearbox and diff
- suspension parts re powder coated in black
- new T9 Speedo sender from g’box due to mild misting of oil 
- mild radiator leak fixed and repainted black
- rare ish Mick Made carbon front splitter and canards + new grill

- alignment after suspension work carried out with print out

Fresh MOT being applied today (after lockdown delays) from known 7 style car, K series engine gurus PT Sportscars.

Westfield SEi Spec
1996 Chassis
Refreshed in 2002
Refreshed again in 2017

Previously owned by Steve Waitey on here who transformed the car from a Sunday drivers car to a track suitable machine.

14,000 miles
Rover 1.8 VVC 143 K series motor
Caterham spec head
Caterham baffled short sump
Rover ECU and Immobiliser
Updated VVC timing
52mm throttle body

Straight cut gearbox with extended first gear
Quaife style extended shift mechanism
Hydraulic clutch conversion with new slave cylinder

Alloy housed 3.9 Westifeld LSD

25l fuel cell
3l swirl pot
Double fuel pumps


Full alloy panelling and flat underfloor.

New 3k miles ago;

- M16 52mm dual piston from callipers (more piston area than 4 pots)
- DS2500 pads
- ATE race DOT 4 Fluid
- Tilton top mounted adjustable Pedal box with 3 master cylinders
- Pro Race 1.2 wheels with 185/60/13 NS2-R’s

- Dry carbon wings
- Carbon look rear covers from Playskool
- Dominator head lights (LED 5 3/4” supplied with car)
- Caged full narrowbody cage
- Glass fibre seats with carbon headrest and new padding just fitted as per photos

- removable steering wheel attachment

- wide rear view mirror 

- custom exhaust box

Bad points;

- the common “look at my engine, oops did I re-secure the latches?!” bonnet-meet-road issue causing some scratches - easily covered or repaired
- the scuttle paint is messy due to fitting an aero screen, leaving the place where windscreen attaches exposed. Windscreen incl pillars, washer bottle/pump and wipers all supplied with car.
- paint could be seen as "tired" in places but not bad considering it’s 24 years old and I'm handy with DA machine.

Any questions, drop me a note. I'm looking for £9,000.

Quite a few photos are from the end of last years detailing session before adding aero screen, splitter and rear arch protectors.IMG_6944.JPG






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A note that this is my first kit car/7 style car and it's been incredibly easy to move from fast Audis and BMWs. The switchgear and gearbox/engine combo has made it a great on road newbie car, while the power to weight and setup would please most track aficionados.

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Now I've sorted the weird iPhone format, some more images; 















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Fresh MOT with no advisories. Also worth mentioning I have a spare original set of seats, a tonneau cover and a relatively new outdoor car cover to go with the car. 

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