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Narrow road/sprint car PROJECT... maybe... More info added

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I am selling the car that was my original road car and became my sprint car, which is the car below in my signature. BUT... I have sold some of the bits from it so it is not complete but it does have a lot of nice bits in there... well I would say that! Here's the details...

First there is NO ENGINE and NO GEARBOX. The engine (atmo Cossie on injection) is for sale separately but is not ready yet as I am rebuilding it. The gearbox was sold already. So...


Westfield narrow SEi chassis. I have added an extra brace at the top of the engine bay and a cross in the nose to add a little rigidity. There's also a Caged cage that I will come on to later...

The chassis is in good order and the car has never hit anything more substantial than a grassy run-off area.

The bodywork is very tatty. There is a large hole on the drivers side for exhaust exit and when I changed to a bonnet exit exhaust I cut a large hole in the bonnet as well. The long and short is unless you're very handy with fibreglass and/or filler, you'll likely need a new bonnet. The body is sound though. No cracks or dings, just generally tatty. The Gelcoat is thick though so I strongly believe that a good mopping could bring back the lustre.


The car is road registered in 1998 on a Q plate prior to the SVA (just!) so at MOT time it's a 1973 car with visible smoke only emissions tested.

The chassis still contains the following:


1 x Caged cage. If it was me I'd remove it and re-powder coat it...

Front wide track rose jointed suspension by Mickmade including rebuildable AVO ally shocks, 320lb springs, all spacers and Cortina uprights - NO HUBS. Front ARB available/negotiable. Ally Westfield 4 pot calipers available/negotiable. These are the same as Bremsport and Outlaw M16 calipers.

Pedal box with a Caterham (shorter) clutch pedal 'cos the standard pedal (which I have somewhere) needs a push cable... I'd ditch this pedal box for a floor mounted pedal set to be honest.

AP Racing Master Cylinder - I'd put a seal set in it...

Most brake pipes are still in situ but no front flexibles. Rear brake system is complete.

Steering column but NO RACK or MOUNTS - standard OEM Escort rack available/negotiable including track rod ends and wide track extensions but NO RACK MOUNTS.  

Screen and wipers - spare screen available/negotiable.

Escort handbrake and compensator including handbrake cables - fully functional!

Complete loom. Untidy but it's all there. A day or two would see that tidied up nicely I reckon.

Carbon dash (Mickmade) with VDO gauges - the dash is in good nick but the gauges are tatty but functional. The gauges could easily be removed and the bezels repainted. Switches are IP67 rated stainless steel items from RS in great nick.

I have two race seats, once grey cloth and tatty, one black vinyl and OK except for slight wear/witness marks where it has been against the rear bulkhead

Prop shaft, type 9 to Ford escort with the small flange.

Ford English 4:4 diff with Quaife ATB, rebuilt a while ago by Road and Race transmissions and with no running since.

Rover V8/"Race" driveshafts

Rear uprights, hubs, lightened discs, calipers

Fully rose jointed rear wishbones from Mickmade.

AVO ally rebuildable shocks and springs.

Rear ARB and all fittings. Not pretty but functional.

Standard Westfield fuel tank converted to injection with a central swirl bowl and all appropriate returns and dash 6 fittings. NO FUEL PUMP. The tank will need a clean out... 


This would be a great basis for a project. It is NOT for someone looking for an easy way in to Westfields as there is some work to do, clearly. I no longer have the time or an appropriate area where I can undertake the work. But the basics are there and they are solid.

Photos can be added on request. I don't have any at all at the moment. I'll try and get some up over the weekend.


Offers considered in the 4K to 5k area. Anyone using any phrases used by Mike Brewer, Ed Chyna or Ant Ansted will be ignored...



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Mark (smokey mow)

Had you spotted this wanted add?


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*Runs to the wanted section*...

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