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Westfield Unfinished Project 2007 SEIW Chassis and Parts Zetec

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For sale Westfield 2007 SEIW unfinished project. Selling as a whole currently, may split if it doesn't get any interest. 


Was destined to be a Q plate build so I sourced a mixture of new and used parts sourced from fellow members, the Westfield community and ebay. Nothing has been fitted yet to the chassis, it is all stored in boxes ready to go. 


I have a pair of build stands which I will include as well. 


2007 SEIW Chassis new, powder coated with factory fitted aluminium panels (New unbuilt - no receipt)

Wide Track Front Wishbones upper and lower (used very good)

Front Westfield uprights (used 5K miles)

Rear lower wishbones (new - no receipt)

Rear Westfield Uprights with new bearings (new - no receipt)

Westfield Rear Brake Calipers and Disks Sierra fitment (Used 5K miles)

Sierra Differential from a low mileage Caterham (used 20K)

Westfield Push in Drive shafts (new - no receipt)

MSA Roll Bar (used good)

Intatrim Westfield Stoneleigh Leather and Suede Seats (New with receipt)

Westfield 1.8L Zetec with factory low sump (used 30K miles)

Zetec Engine Mounts (used 5K miles)

Westfield Zetec Manifold and Exhaust (used 30K miles) 

MCT75 Gearbox, Gearleaver and Propshaft (used 10K miles)

ZK Petrol Tank, sender, straps and mounting frame (used 5K miles) 

Westfield Clutch Master Cylinder (used 5K miles)

Westfield Brake Master Cylinder (used 5K miles)

Westfield Speedo (used 5K miles)

Westfield Petrol Gauge  (used 5K miles)

IVA Westfield Steering Wheel and Boss (used to get a car through IVA then swapped so as new)

Zetec K+N intake (used 30K miles)

Westfield ECU and Engine Wiring Harness Zetec (used 30K miles)

Rimtech Alloy Wheels x5 with Toyo T1 Tyres (used, tyres very good 5mm plus)

Zetec DCOE Intake Manifold (used)

Ignition Barrel and Keys 




Located in Bristol 


Pictures to follow... 

Alpha ECU.jpg

chassis 3.jpg






Front Uprights.jpg

Fuel Guage.jpg


Ignition barrel.jpg

K and N.jpg


Master cylinder.jpeg


Rear brakes etc.jpg

Rear uprights.jpg

Rear wishbones.jpg

Roll bar.jpg







Wheels 1.jpeg

Wheels 2.jpeg



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Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

Well priced so expect will sell quick. 

if not I'd be very interested in the front and rear wishbones, uprights please? 




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The Machinist

If you do decide to sell parts individually, would be interested in seats.




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Some additional information, the chassis has lowered floors see pics below;





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Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO
On 29/06/2020 at 22:54, Jitterbug said:

Westfield Rear Brake Calipers and Disks Sierra fitment 

Photos show Golf calipers. I only point this out as Golf fitment uprights and calipers are more desirable 👍

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Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

The Roll Over Protection is an RAC style, not MSA.

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