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Any interest in a turbo megabusa? hillclimb/sprint/road

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Looking like been the season that never was, the cars fully ready to go, full engine service, new front (Pagid) rear (mintex) brake pads, new silencer, new seats, would be mega competitive in road going classes, the only thing I've not done is took it for an MOT buts it's prepped ready, amazing engine spec, full Siltec wide track front end, uprights, the lot, an obscene amount of quality wheels and tyres including new Pirelli's, seat belt is out of date, another thing I've held back on till we know the score.

Engine refreshed 8 events ago by a fellow speed series competitor and dynoed by one of our series sponsors so can fully verify build spec, can come with a as new Woodford trailer.


Genuinly interested, I can give full spec,  I had intended to do this years speed series but sadly it's looking less likely, there's a few Radicals about I would love to give a go hence for sale, it's a genuine car with genuine build spec, the only car that beat it last year in the Javelin Sprint series was a full blown full aero £90k plus atom.


Looking for £22k that's car, trailer, absolute heap of quality wheels/tyres and engine spares, clutch/gin coils that's sorta thing.


K17 CAR registration can/will stay on car for full asking price, valued at £2k.


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