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(SOLD) 2017 reg Megabird 150 miles old

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It’s with a heavy heart that I’m going to have to give up ownership of any ‘toy’ car at the moment as we have run out of funds to renovate our house and the Westfield will have to go 😭. Hopefully in the New Year I will have something in place (selling a kidney etc.) to buy another one but in the short term she will have to go.






































In short, this is an odd car in that it’s essentially brand new and only done 150 miles. I bought it from a fellow member that decided it was a bit too savage and wasn’t for him. I’ve done some homework and realised the Blackbird engine has a reputation in some circles for not being the most robust engine for the Westfield in the lubrication department if not properly engineered. My car when I bought it, not having either a dry sump or an Accusump installation was probably the reason for the initial low mileage and lack of use.


Good news is that this is now completely sorted thanks to Andy at AB Performance. He suggested a particular Accusump installation and with his advice on chek valve hardware, adapter plate plumbing electric valve Accusump operation and baffle plate this is now a completely usable road / trackday friendly car.


It was IVA tested and properly registered in 2017 so bears a ‘17 plate registration too. Everything (apart from the donor engine) was new at build and high specification. 


The underside is as clean as the top side!, discs still have hatching marks on them etc.!


Spec as follows:



2002 CBR1100XX fuel injected Blackbird engine with approximately 26k miles,

Fully mapped Power Commander. 

Westfield sump and  baffle plate,

Canton 4 pint Accusump with electric operation plumbed using the best ‘flap’ type low pressure Chek valve,

Oil cooler,

Fuel pressure regulator,

Pipercross air filter,

Westfield’s exhaust system.



Quaife reverse gearbox.



Sierra XR4x4 LSD



ZK Chrome yellow unblemished bodywork,

V8 bonnet,

Carbon effect rear lights,

RAC roll bar,

Carbon effect front cycle wings,

Carbon effect rear arch guards,

Carbon effect boot panel,

Double bubble aero screen with carbon mirror,

Carbon effect front lights.



Westfield padded race seats with yellow stitching,

Willans 4 point harnesses,


Carbon dash with full array of Stack instrumentation including Stack ST700 Race dash display with config button and dial.

Quick release steering wheel.



IVA tested in 2017, correctly registered on a ‘17 plate SEiW Mega chassis with only 150 miles from new.



Willwood front brakes with drilled discs and mintex pads,

Sierra rear disc brake setup,


Wheels and Tyres

Team Dynamics 13x7 rims,

Yoko Advan-032R tyres.



Gaz front and rear dampers,

Standard track width front.


As ever, give me a call on 07814 359423, happy to chat to you.


  • Price is now £11,750





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Chris jesson

lovely looking car. looks very similar to one toy box had a few months ago.

glwts dude.

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46 minutes ago, Chris jesson said:

lovely looking car. looks very similar to one toy box had a few months ago.

glwts dude.


Yes I believe the chap I bought it from bought it from ToyBox, it has still got the ToyBox stickers on it.

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Nice Car, GLWTS

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Price reduction. I really need to move this on and free some cash to finish my house. 

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This is a lot of car for the money i'm sure somebody will snap this up now  

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Geoffrey (Buttercup) - North Yorkshire AO

Have you tried Toybox to see if they will buy it back.


looks a smashing car.

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