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SOLD Viper silicone hoses -various

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Internal diameters are:

32mm I have 2 lengths. One is 760mm the other 1100mm

19mm I have 2 lengths. One is 530mm the other is 780mm.

8mm I have 2 lengths. Both are 1000mm.

The u bend is 32mm. It’s 150mm/100mm and the distance between centre lines is approx 110mm.

these were left from when I built the engine back up so are unused except the big u bend which is used.

open to offers.


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Wowblauu has first shout as he pmd first. Second dibs is sparkyw. Then rob red top and then Kevin.

Just waiting for wowblaau as he is working out a deal on dry sump fittings, oil and hoses. I’ll let people know when I know.


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