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(SOLD) Carbon and foam boot panel

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I was in the loft today and spotted this which I forgot i had, I've no use for it now and thought someone else may benefit. 

It's a 3 piece panel. 6mm thick. 4mm foam core with 1mm carbon either side.. the panel has been trimmed so it's a very good fit on my ZK bodywork but no promises it'll be the same on yours.. It's been left a little long as I hadn't decided on how to finish it at the rear bulkhead.

I paid Carbon NV, £120 for it. Any interest at £70 posted to you?20180614_095911.thumb.jpg.55b2bfa43fdf6dcc0c1882708c7322c5.jpg20180614_095932.thumb.jpg.490c369a9704ea3b4fa83fe21b9bcac7.jpg


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