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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

For sale this winter! Mega S2000 Omex 630 ecu and loom

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I don’t normally do “advance notice” type adverts, but as I appreciate this is rather a specialised item, with a limited market, I thought I’d get it “out there” now, so that someone could plan accordingly.


For sale. One Omex 630 ecu for the Mega S2000, including Omex S2000 engine loom with plugs currently fitted for Omex throttle bodies, also included, Omex water temperature sender and lambda sensor. This is the full kit you’d normally pay £1300 for and have to supply a Honda engine loom to Omex, so that they could harvest some of the connectors.

It is currently running a map for the Independant throttle bodies, but this could be swapped back to the original Honda single throttle body, with no problem. The ecu is on the “unlocked” version of the firmware. (This means that fuel, ignition, cold start, VTEC and a number of other maps are user adjustable. Note though, that other settings that would allow figment to a different engine ARE NOT USER ADJUSTABLE.)

Im replacing it this winter with a DTA ECU, as I’m after a few features not on the Omex unit. Currently the plan is to remove it sometime in mid December. Though I could possibly be a little flexible.

Westfield Parts shop listing for the ecu:


Yours for £795

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