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1994 Westfield SEI Wide Body in White SOLD

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The time has finally come to part with my car, it has been with me since 1996 although in the

last eight years it has sat on the trailer in the garage.

I bought it as a basic car fitted with a mildly tuned Chamberlain 1600 Ford X flow. It was very

well screwed together by the man who built the car as he was planning to compete in it. I

intended to make it into a road car with carpet, comfortable seats etc however I quickly

realised that the Westfield Speed Series would be more fun and competed in it for 6 years.

During this time the following changes were made:

A new X flow engine was sourced and built by Vulcan bored out to 1700cc with large valves,

tungsten inserts, gas flowed high compression head, 244 cam, pocketed pistons, lightened

flywheel, balanced clutch, shot peened con-rods, balanced flywheel, clutch, rods, pulleys and

crankshaft, power grip pulley set, uprated oil pump, Cosworth big end bolts and steel cam

shaft straps.

Home made throttle bodies

Petrol tank modified for fuel injection

High pressure fuel pump

Inlet manifold fitted with fuel injectors

Emerald programable ECU

Crank shaft position sensor, water and air temperature sensors and throttle position

potentiometer fitted to supply inputs for ECU

Wasted spark ignition system

Nylon bushed chassis

Aluminium bell housing

Quaife ATB limited slip differential

Aluminium front uprights

Four pot aluminium front brakes, Hawk pads

Drilled and lightened front discs

AVO adjustable dampers

Front anti-roll bar

Quick rack, solidly mounted

Lightweight plastic seats

4-point Willans harness for driver

3-point Luke harness for passenger

Roll bar strengthened and extra bracing

Wunoff re-packable stainless steel silencer

Side screens and hood

Fitted fire extinguisher system

Geared starter motor

Gear change LED

Chassis ride height, corner weighting and geometry setup by Northampton Motorsport. Car

weight 571.5 kgs. Rolling road set up by Dave Walker at Emerald Engineering: Output 148

bhp at 6800 rev/min. 130 ft/lbs at 5600 rev/min.

In the loft I have high back padded seats, boot box and lockable lid, carpet set and underfelt.

The car comes with its own trailer, this is a home-made two wheel trailer which was

constructed to fit into a small garage, it tows very well.

Any questions give me a call: John Pearce tel: 01753 646703 or email: cpandjp@icloud.com

Price: £5000 ono




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Thanks for your help will keep in touch.


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