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Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

Chesterfield meet and Ashover Car Show followed by Tagg Lane Ice Cream Farm, Sun 22 July

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Meeting at McD's were, all the way from Cleethorpes, Andy and Ann in their beautifully styled, Zetec engined car, Andy and Becky, Luke and flying in at the last minute was Simon, making a 5 car convoy to the Ashover Car Show. It is very popular and there were 4 fields full of cars, well organised by the local Rotary Clubs. Having parked up we soon employed the 'Bonnets Off' mode, which always kicks off good conversation, with 3 Zetecs on Jenvey throttle bodies and Omex ECU, yet all different . Simon is in the Speed Series and he entertained us with a wonderful commentary of his Blyton Sprint last weekend, a cheeky gear change in the right place made all the difference, it's a bit like F1, only more real and more fun to follow, well after todays F1 I don't know about that.




We wondered over to the Burton Car Club and promptly ate their cake that they offered to us, it would be rude not to. There was a newly finished Ferrari/MR2 conversion for sale at £6500 on their stand, in red of course. We got round most of the cars and met a few other familiar faces, including Alan (Thundernuts ex owner) before making an early exit. Simon and Luke had their families join them while Andy and Ann set off back to Cleethorpes, leaving Andy and Becky to follow us on a back route to Tagg Lane for ice cream.

At Tagg Lane we were approached by a man who was with the MX5's, how did he know we were the Westfield owners? anyway he came over to talk about our cars and I hit him with 20 questions about the MX5 Club. They were the committee who were out doing a route for their Peak District Run on 2nd September, I am interested in joining because I might be selling my Mk1 and the Z4, replacing them with a Mk4. Emotions are getting in the way a bit though, can you love a Mk1 MX5 soooo much?

Ferrero Rocher ice cream for me, but some of us had both ice cream AND cake, but it was somebody's birthday wasn't it Rebecca? Happy Birthday darling.



Thank you for coming everyone, it's been luscious.

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9 hours ago, Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO said:

my Mk1 and the Z4, replacing them with a Mk4

Will Glen be promoted to full time passenger?....  Tandem next :p

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