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Know your jap imports?

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Saw this peachy rarity the other day... its quite also an abomination to the eyes?  

Quiz time what is it ? 



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33 minutes ago, Castlecroft said:

2001 Nissan Bolero

We have a winner 

Just as gopping from the back.

Autec made some good stuff 200sx wise


They made the s15 convertible varrietta I think

That don't look right either


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Here's another autech creation 


First pic is the S15 aero nice car 

Second is the convertible that our balero friends had a go at




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3 hours ago, pistonbroke said:

does it have reverse parking sensors ?


Yes; those shiny bits on the corners. They go CLANG when you get really close...

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Although the N15 Almera GTi 2.0 was considered a bit soft in the UK, the JDM Autech version had a production 180hp version of the venerable SR20DE.

Can't remember if it was a Nissan or a Nissan/Autech, there was also the Pulsar/Lucino VZ-R, which has the limited edition SR16VE engine, the most powerful production1600cc NA engine to this day, at 197hp.


Back in the late 1980s, NZ relaxed their car import rules/taxes and on average, NZ imports well in excess of 100K used cars from Japan each year. Just about every conceivable JDM model and sub-model has found it's way to NZ. Skylines, WRXs, Lancer Evos,  et al, are such a common sight. I had a Gen-1 Mitsubishi RVR Sports-Gear which is a 4-seat 4wd MPV, but the one I really wanted was the Gen-2 HYPER Sports-Gear (below), which has the Lancer Evo-4 engine! 


I worked for a used-JDM importer for near-on five years, and drove so many cool cars, and bought a few through the work at near cost that struck my fancy. The RVR I imported myself through them, after picking it out at a japanese car auction.



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