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January Sale


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Have been told that i have got to make room in the garage for a tumble drier so the following has got to go.

1700 cc X-flow short motor kent 244 cam,1300 pistons,duplex chain but it is not a 711m block.

2 X-flow haeds (std)

steel rocker gear

3 luminition packs (should have the eyes to go with them) SOLD

Lucas distributor with side entry cap and luminition eye( suit modified engine)(x-flow) SOLD

Bosch distributor with luminition eye modified for use as a trigger unit for and emerald ecu(x-flow)

Twin DCOE "hi-flow" inlet manifold SOLD

X-flow down draught maniflod

Pinto down draught manifold(ported)

Twin Dellorto 40 carbs with inlet manifold 32 or 36 mm chokes.  SOLD 

Westfield silencer with heat shield(inlet has been extended) SOLD

VDO 7000 RPM tacho

Pair cortina calipers(very good)

Pair vented discs SOLD

3.9 english CWP

3.69 Sierra CWP

3.91 sierra CWP

Westfield x-flow engine mounts. SOLD

Please make me sensible offers on any of the above  

Prefer phone call or e-mail: pbishop100@aol.com


01568 720443 Evenings

07971010582 Mobile

01568 612337 Work (ask for Peter)



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Westfield x-flow engine mounts.

That's just what Steve D is looking for  ;)  :)  :p

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Good god man! How big IS this tumble dryer?  

Mrs Catflap what on earth makes you think i would know how big a tumble drier it is after all womens work   :p


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