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Westfield Megabusa Rolling Chassis (New)

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New Build Westfield Megabusa rolling chassis, built as non- road legal sprint & hill climb car.
The Spec includes:
-          New megabusa chassis
-          New extra light weight body in Ford Olympic blue - looks great
-          New ‘Full Caged’ Roll Cage
-          New double adjustable Protech shocks all round (adjust both bump and rebound) – these are the expensive ones!
-          New wide track wishbones
-          New brake callipers & discs all round ‘Wilwood 4 pots’ on the front & high spec 2 pot rear
-          New light weight hubs
-          All new Aeroquip braided brake pipes
-          New Aeroquip fuel lines
-          New steering rack / steering column bushes, etc.
-          New quick release boss & new momo steering wheel
-          New full AB Performance paddle shift & cable
-          New AB Performance high tensile engine flange  to suit high power Hayabusa engine
-          New AB Performance / Bailey Morris uprated prop shaft to suit high power Hayabusa engine
-          New 7 ½ Cosworth LSD & casing
-          New AB Performance full exhaust system to suit high power hayabusa – this would also benefit a standard engine
-          New high back carbon fibre Tillet seat
-          New full harness
-          New Radtec alloy radiator & new Packet electric fan
-          New Carbon Aerosceen & rear cover etc, etc  
-          Front and rear anti-roll bars
-          Small race fuel tank
-          The list just keeps going on and on and on!
-          Car will be sold with one set of Image split rim wheels  8in Front & 10in Rear
The car has only been used on 4 dry events so snagging from the new build has been done.   The only reason this car is for sale is a change of direction - I have gone back to a single seater. This car was mainly built and set up by Trev at Tranzpower, there was no expense spared when building this Westfield. This would also be a great clean base to convert to road going if that is your bag as all the hard work has been done already.  
Please only call me if you are seriously interested. You only need to tot up some of the items listed above to realise this is an extremely good buy for someone who is looking for a proper piece of kit which amazingly is new.  looking for around £10,000 - only serious interest please and no tyre kickers. I will email photos to interested parties, just give me a shout – thanks.
Contact Dave  Tel:07831 838898

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Wow!! i saw this being built and can honestly say if i hadn't bought my current WF and knew you were selling it I'd have snapped your hand off.


Trev did an amazing job of this build as he does with all things ive ever seen him finish.


GLWTS mate


P.S.You'd do well to put some pictures up of it.

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Paul Aspden

Knowing DaveBr's exacting standards I would reckon this is worth looking at.

It is Ash, a top car and a lovely colour

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Just to clarify, is it a case of add Busa engine and you are on the start line?

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Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary

Yes it literally just needs a dry summed Busa engine and ECU etc

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I would say a minimum of 2000 for an engine with throttle bodies and ecu, 1000 for dry sump kit. You can use the standard Busa ECU on a standard engine.


... or buy a whole bike for 3000 and split it up. I have a holeshot swinging arm pickup which is around 500 on my Busa which has been okay so far. You can probably get away with one of these using the car on road tyres, but you always run the risk of oil starvation without a dry sump system.  

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I don't know the car or the seller, but from the description this is a proper bit of kit!

If anyone wanted to have a serious go at class H in the speed series this could be a very good starting point, I should think. Just add a supercharged Busa and fly!

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Scottish Bloke

I drooled over this car at Blyton last year. It's absolutely stunning!

Great car, excellent build and will be very capable.

I've been down the back of the sofa but no joy!

Good luck with the sale, really great package at very sensible money.

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It looks like the car is now sold subject to full payment.


Thank you for all the comments





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