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Silly mistake, word of warning

cast iron

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I was racing at Snetterton 2 weeks ago, it was 30 degrees in the first race so after the race I was dam hot. Couldn't wait to take my helmet off after park ferme. Drove through the paddock and something flicked in my eye. It really hurt, after a hour the pain was unbearable so I trotted off to the medical centre, but halfway there, the pain went and I assumed the foreign object. The soreness reduced and I completed the second race.

Fast forward to last night just sat doing not a lot, and ouch, the same sting, horrible pain, and eyes watering, tried to sleep unsuccessfully. Off to the docs and onward to hospital, all of which I must say we're superb. The eye specialist found a rust string in my eye, the original debris had been metal, yes it had come out but contaminated the scar with rust! This had moved last night and hence the pain. Heaven forbid it happened during my race yesterday! Anyway local anaesthetic, a shiny needle and all cleaned up

So to the moral of this story...never ever drive a cycle winged aero screen car without eye protection, even for a quick trip round the block! This was no more than 5mph. Common sense for sure but please be aware.

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Had exactly the same a couple of years back Mark. Driving on track with my helmet visor cracked open, got something ferrous in my eye.. which left a rusty mark that had to be removed in a similar fashion to yours.

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