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Andy Banks

What is a Shows and Events Coordinator?


Principally, the role is to provide a repeatable format for three or more shows and events a year (inc’ Stoneleigh) and to provide members with the behind the scenes organisation and easy access to the kit and equipment needed for these. The role will not be one of 100% organisation, but as the title suggests, will coordinate to enable Members to do their own thing easily and quickly.


There is much work to be done over the coming weeks/months to get this into shape but it’s getting there. I know there is a keenness to have a big presence at Gaydon this summer and I’ll work to achieve that. Beyond Gaydon, I’ll be looking for further suggestions of the bigger events and shows we should be attending and we’ll also be incorporating WSC into some of those as well as tagging along on some of their own initiatives.


I’d welcome further thoughts on the role and the events you want to be a part of but for now, generally what we will aim to offer is as follows:

  • Central location for storing all of the show and events kit and equipment
  • Easy access to the kit and an audit trail
  • Assistance with transportation of kit if necessary
  • Liaison with show and event organisers to get ourselves booked in
  • A how-to guide to enable Members to more easily organise themselves
  • Management of the show and event stock, replacing older items as necessary
  • Engagement at WSCC Committee level to ensure we have all we need for a successful event

I’ll set out the full aims at some stage soon and would welcome comment and feedback when the time comes. For now though, I think a number of key things need to be addressed:

  1. Full audit of our kit, replacing things not up to par
  2. Documented how-to guide on getting the lit the kit you need for your event
  3. Set a date and coordinate Gaydon this summer

As has been said, the role is one of coordination and it needs you to suggest and run your own event. I will do the back-end work and make everything available to you and I suspect we should consider covering everything from local car shows, county shows, etc. some of the bigger sprints, the big name car shows and meet your neighbours events and perhaps an annual coast to coast or similar.


There is a form attached, use this request WSCC kit and to start to coordination ball rolling for your suggested event.


Thoughts welcomed, be gentle…

request form.docx

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