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C20XE Vauxhall Redtop SBD Exhaust Manifold

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Hi all

I have an early SBD exhaust manifold in mild steel for sale - do not confuse with Westfield exhaust manifolds, this has much larger primary and secondary pipes and was as fitted to a standard XE producing 184 bhp (print out to prove). Link pipe had an exit of 2 3/4 inch. Was originally fitted to Barry S's car and I have only used to run up my new engine before getting the Simpson system fitted.

There are small small dents to the underside from the chassis rail as shown, could be pulled out if they bothered you but the engine still made that power as is.

Good for any XE engine running a standard manifold to release a bit more power.

Open to offers.





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Nigel Rees

Hi, l was keen to know how much you require for the exhaust manifold, l have an original Westfield with a Vauxhall red top engine which l need to raise in height resulting in the existing manifold not fitting. Not sure if yours would fit but it depends on the price.

Thanks Nigel

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Chris King

Errrrrr five years on I doubt it’s still available!


besides Barny has long since left the fold 😁

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