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Mark (smokey mow)

SOLD - 1600cc Mazda MX5 Engine (ex Andy Burge Ma5da Race Engine)

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Mark (smokey mow)

Ever since selling my Narrow project car last year, this has been taking up room and gathering dust in the back of the garage so finally it's time for it to go.

This is it's brief history and spec.

The engine is ex Andy Burge who campaigned it in the Ma5da racing series, carrying him to one win and a second place in the 2009 season. It reportedly made 128bhp at the wheels when on the rolling road in March 2008 (see original ebay advert below) although I haven't proved that figure and I would suggest it would actually be more realistic if measured as a flywheel figure. His car was unfortunately rolled in an accident at Brands Hatch, after which Andy decided to take a step back from racing for a while and stripped his MX5 for parts and selling the engine.

I paid £220 for the engine in June 2010 and initially I had the intention to use it as a spare for my car when I was having some problems myself, I fully stripped the engine to inspect it and then spent over £200 servicing it, replacing all the seals and gaskets. Eventually I decided to have my old engine rebuilt by Fraser at Blink so this one made it's way first into my Narrow car and then out again when that car was sold last year.

The list of the main work completed by me includes:

Crank pulley bolt and woodruff key

Crankshaft front and rear oil seal

Thermostat, Thermostat gasket and cover

Clutch spigot bearing

Head gasket

Cam angle sensor o-ring

Cam belt tensioner and spring


Water pump gasket

Oil pump gasket

Head gasket

Camshaft oil seals

The original work to the cylinder head before I bought it includes a 40thou skim to increase the compression and 3-angle cut to the valve seats.

The thermostat has been relocated to the back of the head and the front outlet blocked off as I was originally intending to fit a coolant re-route. The engine could easily be converted back to the standard coolant layout.

The engine is an early short nose crank and fitted with the 4-slot pulley. There is no sign of any wear to the keyway or woodruff key which is a common problem if the crank pulley bolt has been incorrectly torqued in the past. As a precaution I always fit a new key and bolt whenever stripping the front of the engine and then re-torque correctly.

In checking over the engine before this sale I found that one of the exhaust valves on cylinder 4 was sticking in it's guide. As I couldn't be sure if this was a consequence of the engine having been standing for a while or whether it had a slight bend in it I therefore replaced both the valve and also the stem seal.

I'm also including with the engine the inlet and exhaust manifolds as I have no use for them, but I'll point out that the metal gaskets have been re-used and therefore may need to be replaced if they don't seal correctly. The engine also comes with the flywheel, clutch, injectors, injector loom and CAS sensor but excludes the alternator, alternator bracket, starter motor and oil pressure sender (although I should have one for it somewhere if I can find it).

As I've never run the engine whist I've owned it I'm also happy to accept returns from WSCC members and will offer a full refund to them (excluding any delivery costs) should there be any problems found with the engine.

£250 collection only from Colchester, Essex - no offers please :) sorry now sold











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That's a bargain, wish I lived closer!

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