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Another new guy - Norfolk

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Cheers guys, that's all very welcoming!

Cleggy, that sounds good. I'll check it out if I'm free!

Gadgetman, I'll try to get you some pics as soon as I can. Been a little busy in the drivers seat!

Tableleg, I'm based in blofield specifically, so I'm in the posh end of the civilised bit of Norfolk! ;)

All - the mileage is helped along by doing a little commuting. I drive 120 mile round-trip to work so taking the westy for a few nice days tends to pack on the miles! :d

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A few of us are attending a trackday at Woodbridge on Aug 10th.  How about coming along?

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OK, thanks Sooty.  I hadn't noticed woodbridge on Javelin's site (went to Snet with them the other day).  I'm afraid i already have plans for the Sunday afternoon, so won't be able to make it.  Shame though, would be nice to pit me and mine against some other Westies.


Keep me in mind if there's anything else local going on though!

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As has already been said it's the best car club around. I'm in my 15th year as a member and owner it's brilliant although not as good as the early naughties which were the best fir me personally it was an era... It's a lot tamer now... But still the best. I've still got my SEiGHT I use my TVR Tamora all the time and the Westy is at the back of the garage in pristine condition under wraps. I must get it sold....I just can't bare to let it go tho'

WSCC gave me lots of new friends and some who have now left the club but we all still holiday together,still go blatting and of course drinking we've even got our own club called the suicide squadron on FB so thanks to WSCC for introducing me to LordB, Bannaman(Andy Lyall)Muttley boy (Steve Maund) Scooby (Justin Yates)Barry Ashcroft,RobTyas,mike Dixon, Millenium Matt(Matt)Tommo,Scott Beeland, Mark Stanton & the Stanton tribe to name but a few. Oh and of course Steve Davis who has given me some great laughs over the years!

A great club full of awesomeness !


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