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Keeping "The Start Line" area on-topic

Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

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Following the successful launch of the new Stuff and Nonsense section of the Boardroom, where members can enjoy the banter and thread drift to their hearts content, the committee have been pleased to see the other areas keeping much more on topic.
The Moderation Team would like to thank all the members for their cooperation and support; to keep these areas of the Boardroom relevant, the Team will now begin moving threads, or deleting posts as necessary.

Please note, the Start Line section is for non-technical Westfield questions only, if you have any questions problems or technical/engineering subjects you'd like to discuss, please post them in Tech Talk. The moderators will move any such posts out of this section and into Tech Talk, but please help us by posting them there to start with!

Please also note that this area is open to the public so please consider this when discussing things that really ought to be restricted to members only.

Thanks :yes:

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