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Found 11 results

  1. Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

    Arduino based GoPro Controller

    I've owned a GoPro Hero 7 black, since March and I've been un-impressed with how flaky it is especially when controlled via the Iphone App. I've read that their own £80 remote control is equally flaky! I don't want much, I just expect it to record when I ask it to and it's no fun when strapped in and it doesn't respond. Time is then wasted power cycling the GoPro and faffing with the phone app until it works! Hence I've developed my own controller using a Arduino MKR1000 I can currently pair my controller to the Gopro, stop and start video recording, and also take a pic with the two buttons. The only slight hurdle, is that I need to connect to the Gopro via Bluetooth on my Iphone before I can pair it over wifi. Once I've road tested it for suitability in the car environment, I may move to an ESP32 based device with both Bluetooth and WiFi on or an Arduino MKR1010 with also has both. Further work to include starting two camera's simultaneously and powering down the GoPro.
  2. Kingster

    GoPro Hero 4 Black **sold**

    A little bird tells me I’m in for an Xmas upgrade so my current GoPro Hero 4 Black is up for grabs. It comes with two waterproof cases, a ReFuel 6 hr battery, three std batteries, battery charger, permanent power supply (never fitted), various mounts but no sd card. Now sold
  3. Selling my GoPro on eBay but happy to take it off if someone from the club wants it. But it now is £135 but will take offers over £100. Used but in good condition, very minor signs of use but glass is perfect and good battery life. Comes with sticky mounts, charging cable, standard and low profile frame and foam cover for use in wind (works well on the roll bar!) Cheers
  4. Castlecroft

    Action Camera for sale *Sold*

    I am selling my Akaso 7000 action camera, i bought only a few months ago and it is in very good condition and produces very good quality videos for the less than half the price of the equivalent GoPro. A link to the camera can be found below: https://www.amazon.co.uk/AKASO-EK7000-Waterproof-Rechargeable-Accessories/dp/B01HPXH29Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1497526256&sr=8-2&keywords=akaso+ek7000 This camera comes with all the accessories including the WiFi remote and a spare battery as well. This would be a great buy for anyone wanting to take in car videos. I am looking for £45 plus P&P.
  5. benlindley

    MSA Rollbar Diameter

    Hi all - daft question time. Does anyone with the MSA roll bar know the exact diameter of the bars (tubing)? This is for a GoPro mount. The MSA roll bar will be Westfield factory model - any help much appreciated!
  6. Morning all, We've taken delivery of the latest GoPro Hero 4 'Session' cameras, which are a re-packaged version offering a smaller and lighter overall size / shape. Designed for use with the app, they feature only one button (a one-press start stop), leaving your phone / tablet to control the setup. This allows the camera to be smaller and lighter, while also being easier to use! Two other new features are auto-flipping of the footage, so you can use the camera in any orientation and it will record the 'right way up', plus two internal microphones which automatically switch between low and high sensitivity to ensure good sound levels no matter how noisy / windy things get. Video quality is still extremely high, with 60 frames per second available at 1080p (full HD) or 100 fps at 720p (plus other lower rates). They are also packaged with the usual range of mounts, and waterproof up to 10m / 33ft: Further details can be found here: Hero 4 Session RRP on these is £329 but the WSCCGOPRO discount code applies to them even though they are brand new: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/cameras/gopro_hero_4_session/c551p12994.html Any questions, please don't hesitate to fire them over as always Cheers! Adam
  7. AdamR

    New GoPro Cameras!

    It's that time of year again! A few of you will no doubt already have seen bits of info about the latest range of GoPro cameras floating about on the internet, but now there is a release date I thought I'd give you guys a heads up. I have these on the way and they can be sold on 5th October. The main difference this time seems to be that the cameras are properly 'targeted' at a type of user rather than all being fairly similar with a few tweaks. They are all backwards compatible with all the existing mounts, which is a good idea IMO. The Hero 4 Black - £369.99 Full details here: http://shop.gopro.com/EMEA/cameras/hero4-black/CHDHX-401-EU.html This is the 'pro' level camera, and will now capture 4k (about 4x as high quality as full 1080p HD!) at a useable 30 frames per second, and also has manual exposure settings available. It will munch through memory card space quickly though, and require a pretty powerful bit of kit to edit on as a result. The Hero 4 Silver - £289.99 Full details here: http://shop.gopro.com/EMEA/cameras/hero4-silver/CHDHY-401-EU.html This is the mid-range camera, full of features and designed to be more user-friendly for the normal user. It now includes a rear touch screen so no more scrolling through menus to change settings! The quality of the footage is the same as the Hero3+ Black, with full HD footage, decent audio and wi-fi connectivity included. The Hero - £99.99 Full details here: http://shop.gopro.com/EMEA/cameras/hero/CHDHA-301-EU.html This camera hits a completely new price point and I reckon it will be a good seller! It's still full HD (1080 and 720 modes available), is waterproof to 40m and compatible with all the mounts. It also has a 1-button mode (the camera turns on and starts recording with just one single button press, ideal for track days I reckon), auto low light mode The main difference between this and the other two, and how GoPro have managed to get it down to such a good price, is that the camera is built in to the housing. The battery is also built into the camera. For charging and memory card access the rear door of the 'housing' comes open, but the camera cannot be removed. All of them require a Micro SD card as before, which are approx £10-20 on eBay (depending on size) if you haven't already got one. The discount code WSCCGOPRO will work on this new range once they are on the site ready to buy: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/cameras/c551.html. I also have some of the existing cameras on clearance (which the discount code will still work on!) if you fancied a bit of a bargain. As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to shout up Cheers, Adam
  8. NicSimons

    Little Westfield Video Edit!

    Hey, Myself and 2 mates have had our westfield for a couple of months now, so thought it was about time to do a little video! What do you guys think? Be interested to see some of your videos as well if you're made anything similar Cheers, Nic
  9. Hello all, With the recent introduction of the Hero3+, a slightly tweaked / updated version of GoPro's Hero3 camera, I have a few Hero3 Black Edition cameras I would like to move on at a super dooper price The full spec of the camera is here: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/cameras/gopro_hero3_hd_black_edition/c551p11969.html If you were to purchase a camera, you would also need a Micro SD card. I would recommend at least 16GB capacity (32 would be better), and the compatible models are here: http://gopro.com/support/articles/software-update-release. Compatible cards start from around £10 on eBay. Recommended and popular, but not essential, accessories include the Roll Bar Mount (perfect for a Westy!) and Suction Mount (please note that track day organisers don't often allow the suction mounts, but they are very 'sucky' and ideal for road driving). I have just four of these remaining and they are available to you guys at £285 including next working day UK courier delivery. If you did want to add any mounts on then this wouldn't bump the postage price at all, and WSCCGOPRO discount code gets you 7% off them (as it does with all GoPro stuff on my site). I am aware that these cameras can be found a few quid cheaper on certain sites, but I'm always around to answer questions and queries about anything GoPro-related (where's best to put it on the car, best settings, editing software, tips, technical help with software, etc) so as a package I believe it's good value. If there's anyone who's had a GoPro from me so far who doesn't agree with the above statement, please get in touch and I'll rectify it! Anyway - enough waffle, and here's a sample video to break up the wall of text: Any questions, please shout up Cheers! Adam
  10. Morning all, I've been contacted by a couple of members recently who expressed an interest in GoPro. The standard discount I can offer for members is 7% with WSCCGOPRO as the discount code on our site, however I'd be happy to extend this to 15% on the Black and Silver versions if we can get 5 people. The RRP of the Silver and Black Edition cameras are £280 and £360 respectively, so this makes the group buy prices £238 and £306. Previous discussion about the cameras can be found here: http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/99288-new-trader-wscc-gopro-discount/. There's quite a lot of info that should cover most questions, but if you would like to know anything else please ask. The original group buy thread is here - please try to keep any 'chat' in this new one though to avoid confusion! http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/99599-gopro-hero3-group-buy-now-closed/ This time, to make things easier, we'll run without the deposits system. As soon as we have 5 names down I'll get the cameras in stock for you to buy If we end up with more participants then the 15% still applies, right up until the closing date of Sunday 18th August. Postage per consignment is £6 for a next working day service, and if you wish to order any accessories (roll bar mounts, microphone adaptors, etc.) at the same time these will also have the 15% discount applied. And as before, here's a video to break up the wall of text, from the recent WSCC Blyton track day, filmed on my Hero3 Black (please note the last 'clip' is filmed with a separate external mic, hence the difference in sound. The rest of the video is with the fully waterproof housing): So, any questions, please feel free to shout. Otherwise, pop your names down and we'll get cracking! Many thanks, Adam
  11. 4th March 2013: GROUP BUY NOW CLOSED! Hello all, Following becoming a trader (general GoPro discussion thread here), a few people have mentioned the dreaded 'Group Buy' phrase, so I've decided to give it a go! I haven't co-ordinated one of these before, but given quite a lot of thinking (and some help from Bombero, thanks!) I've come up with the following structure. My apologies if anything doesn't seem quite right - feedback is welcome. Here is the pricing structure. Sorry the White Edition doesn't have a great discount - if it went to 10% I'd be losing money on each and every one, so tight are the margins... Hero3 White RRP £200.00 Qty Discount Price 2 7% £186.00 3-4 8% £184.00 5+ 9% £182.00 Deposit amount: £20.00 URL http://www.tartybike...c551p11967.html Hero3 Silver RRP £280.00 Qty Discount Price 2 7% £260.40 3-4 11% £249.20 5+ 15% £238.00 Deposit amount: £25.00 URL http://www.tartybike...c551p11968.html Hero3 Black RRP £360.00 UPDATE 7th Feb - The 5 camera point has now been met on this item, so all Black Edition cameras from now until the closing date of 4th March will be at the 15% discount level Qty Discount Price 2 7% £334.80 3-4 11% £320.40 5+ 15% £306.00 Deposit amount: £30.00 URL http://www.tartybike...c551p11969.html A quick note on the Black - there are a couple of different 'editions' available (motorsports, surf and one with no extra naming). The difference between the 'no extra name' model and the 'motorsports' one is simply the picture on the packaging! GoPro don't include extra mounts in either of them in order to keep RRP down and allow customers to pick and choose their own specific mounts. For some reason, the 'motorsports' ones seem to sell out really quickly at my supplier (I am guessing a few of the big boys have that product code on their system and only order using that rather than using good old fashion methods), so it looks likely you will receive a 'normal' one should you put your name down for a Black Edition. As a slight aside, the Hero2s are already on healthy discount on my site for anyone interested (and you can still get a further 7% off that price if you are a WSCC member using the code in the traders area). WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Please add your name to the list below by copying and pasting the list only and adding your name to a new post by 25th February 2013. Once there is sufficient interest - I'm thinking around 10 cameras in total - I will let you know via this page. After your interest has been lodged, I will create a custom link for you on my website (http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/workshop/tartybikes_charge/c34p10702.html) to allow you to pay your deposit. This should be completed by 4th March 2013 please. NOTE: We have now reached the 5-level on Black cameras, so 15% discount can be applied to any purchases until 4th March. If you would like one, just drop me a line and I'll arrange everything for you. Upon receipt of each deposit, I will order your camera in, and only once they have arrived to me and are ready for dispatch will each buyer will be sent a link where they can pay the remainder of their balance. I don't want your money if I don't have your camera! Please complete payment within one week of receiving notification that your camera is in stock. After final payment has cleared, your camera and any accessories will be dispatched to you on a next working day service (UK mainland). GROUP BUY RULES & INFO: Any accessories purchased at the same time as cameras will match the highest discount level reached. Please 'order' your accessories at the same time as your camera by noting in your post what you would like - no extra deposit is required to do this, but please note you must purchase a camera to qualify for the accessory discount. Therefore, if the group buy totals 3 White, 4 Silver and 4 Black cameras, all accessories will have 11% discount applied no matter which camera you wish to buy. If one extra person bags a Silver, the accessories discount will jump to 15%. All prices include VAT. Postage is £6 per camera, for UK mainland next working day tracked service. Multiple camera purchases or adding accessories will not increase the postage cost. International delivery no problem (POA), and VAT can be removed for parcels heading outside the EU. DEPOSIT: Once you have your link to pay your deposit, please add the item to your basket and go through checkout. Select delivery type as '£0.00 - Gift Voucher Code Emailed To You'. Don't add any extra items or it will try and charge you postage! You will receive an email confirmation that your deposit has been paid. FINAL PAYMENT: The cameras will be ordered as soon as deposits have been paid, and allocated in order of who paid their deposit first. As soon as the cameras are in stock, each group buy participant will have a custom item added to the website in order to complete payment, and the link sent to you via email / PM. STOCK: Due to supplier stock fluctuations, there may be a slight delay between payment of deposit and the cameras being delivered to me. I usually prefer not to take any payment until the goods are ready for dispatch, but the risk of ending up with a huge stock of GoPro cameras meant the need for some sort of security / commitment, and this is why we came up with the deposit system. That said, it is anticipated that all cameras will be ready for dispatch no later than 25th March 2013, but most should be available within a couple of days maximum of your deposit being paid. If anything changes you will of course be kept updated and have the option to have your deposit refunded if requested. I doubt any of the cameras will take the full 3 weeks, but I much prefer to 'under-promise and over-deliver'! I'm also happy to open this to family and friends of WSCC Members, so spread the word - the more, the merrier! I will check in here regularly and answer any questions that you may have. Alternatively, if you would prefer to talk directly with me, I can be contacted on 01772 32 33 33, option 1, then ask for Adam. I can sort out any payment / deposits / postage etc if my blurb was confusing (apologies!). I think that's all - cheers for reading, any questions please shout up. Cheers Adam THE LIST 1. bombero (Black) 2. xtr2turbo (Black)
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