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Found 2 results

  1. Brad Stone

    Help me identify... Driveshafts?!

    Good evening fine folk! As some of you know, I recently acquired a lovely Pinto powered SEi, and have been giving it a thorough once over. When giving it a quick test drive, I noticed a slight knocking coming from the propshaft / rear of the car, coupled with a slight gear stick shake intermittently. I thought this may be a lose gearbox mount or diff mounting bolt, however on further inspection there seems to be some inherent "up and down" play in the offside rear driveshaft. I am looking to replace the full driveshaft / CV joint, but would like to understand exactly which type of shafts they are and where I can source a new unit? Many thanks in advance - Pictures below. /B
  2. Hi, I brought a 2007 Westfield Megabusa SEIW a couple of months ago knowing very little (bordering on zero) about mechanics but as a car lover who wanted to get into hillclimbing I thought I would learn along the way. The leaning journey has been forced sooner rather than later. I was booked in for the first sprint of the season on the 2nd of April which was a Saturday, unfortunately whilst driving the Westie on the Thursday evening before the event there was a sudden bang a no drive power to the rear wheels. I had a quick look in the dark and assumed the drive shaft had snapped. I phoned Westfield the next day and they said it would be a 5-6week lead time on a replacement. I had a better look in the light of day and the drive shaft looks almost in tacked, the shaft has not been snapped but the problem was that the rod end to the top rear wish bone has snapped. Apologies if I don't get the terminology correct but I have literally just learned what these parts are even called? Doing some research online it seems that this part is not expensive to replace (about £20) but NMB do a military grade rod end which is about £60+vat so I think I will replace all of the 4 rear rod ends for the military grade one so I shouldn't have to worry about it for quite some time hopefully. I would be happy if that was my only problem but when the track rod end snapped it pulled the drive shaft out of the differential and ripped the CV boot. At first I thought that the CV boot could be replaced and the drive shaft could just be popped back in. After a closer inspection this evening it appears the inner CV joint is not looking too good, there are three bearings/rings which make up the freelander CV joint and one is intact but the other two are probably back on the road somewhere. I am missing the needles and the rings? Any advise would be much appreciated and in particular I would love any info regarding; ​The original rod ends are 1/2" bolt diameter with a 1/2" ball bore diameter there is a reducing bush on the ball bore and I think the actual bolt that they fit on to is 7/16" and the bush brings it up to 1/2" My question is should I just play it safe and get the 1/2"x1/2" rod ends and use the original reducing bushes again or shall I go with the 7/16"x1/2" and do away with the bushes? The 7/16" are £14 inc vat cheaper each I don't fully understand the lefthand righthand thread thing. I undid all of the lock nuts and all four of them (2 each side) loosened and tightened the same way which was clockwise to go on to the rod ends bolt. I think the reason the rod end snapped is because the lock nut was loose and perhaps the handing was incorrect before hand and lead to the failure of the original rod end? When I was testing the lock nuts for the handing the opposite top wishbone lock nut was already loose? Which handing should they be? The differential is a Freelander 3.21 Quaife LSD so I was assuming the inner CV joint was a freelander apparently the drive shaft was custom made and the outer is a sierra. Where the CV joint needs rebuilding what needles and rings do I need and is this a difficult job to do? Will the inner CV boot which needs replacing just be a Freelander boot. I did have a look online thinking that this would be easy but it appears there are loads of different Freelander boots? Does anyoen know which size I need? Sorry there are so many questions, I will be appreciative of any advice........... I was unable to upload photos as it says the image is too large and I don't know how to resize them but I can e-mail photos to anyones e-mail address if that helps just send me the address. Many thanks Mitch
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