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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, after much debate and almost purchasing a built car this week, through fate and slight impulse whist sat in the North Sea (Working) I thought sod it, Iam 40 next year. Let’s bite the bullet and build a Westfield, so I dropped Simon an email and sent over my deposit!... A mixture of very excited, and what have I done feelings are flying around my head this morning. I work week on week off, so have the time to commit to it. My dad has one too which I love working on and my lad is an apprentice mechanic, I love all things petrol so we should hopefully be ok!! 🤞🏼 Anyway, 12 weeks to prepare before collection and a tour of the factory. I will be sorting the garage and reading lots of your build diaries, also I thought I’d start my own. I have Module 1 and 2 on order. Then later on will get the last module to complete. I will share my progress along the way
  2. Paul Aspden (MoFast)

    Super Sport 1800 rebuild

    Whilst there has been a bit of natter in the hello thread I thought it would be best to start the rebuild diary here. So the intention here is to rebuild this super sport 1800 As can be seen on in the photos this is a pretty messed up Westfield. But I never like doing things that are easy. The car starts and runs which is always a good start but everything that isn’t damaged now needs to be transferred to a shiny new chassis. The end goal is to be running and FK body in white with everything else in black but retaining a nod to it’s past with an orange detail yet to be thought out running down the centre line The list of what’s needed at this point is as follows: General: New chassis (ordered) Body work Engine mounts for Zetec 1.8 Fuel tank Black wing mirrors New wheels (going for 15 Inch Calibre Motion in black) Airbox (going for jenvey or ITG) Offside front Top and bottom standard wishbones Upright Damper (Spax) Anti roll-bar drop link carbon cycle mud guard Offside rear Top and bottom standard wishbones (sorted) Upright (sorted) Damper (GAZ) if anyone can help with the above please reply and let me know how much for the part.
  3. Well, the ridiculousness continues. It seems that 700bhp/tonne is no longer enough... I have been running a Westfield MegaBusa turbo in Barbados for the last 3 years, with one eye on drag times, the other on road fun and a third eye on Time Attack/track days. Things going well, working through teething issues, managed to get the island 2WD record (7.2s 1/8th), the car is about 500kg and 350bhp, car close to being 100%, all was looking rosy until Dan Johnson came along with the electric Westfield MegaWatt and moved the goalposts. He smashed the 2WD record (now down to a 6.4s 1/8th) and is now chasing the outright island (and world road-legal electric) record. I could up the tyres a bit (he runs 10" wide drag slicks, I'm on 8"), up the turbo a bit (the little TD05 isn't really pushing much useful air past 20psi) but after someone decided to buy my car the decision was made for me. Can't believe we've reached a point where 700bhp/tonne simply doesn't cut it! So, time to chase Dan. He has about 600bhp/1000ftlbs all be it through one long gear. What to do? Well, in an arms race it's best to be so far out in front that noone even considers challenging you. And with that in mind, this project was kicked off... likely my last all-out combustion build before having to submit to the inevitable electrical juggernaut. No corners cut, absolutely out-to-all on every component. Engine is sourced, simulations have been ran on the build spec, looks like we will be in 1500-2000bhp/tonne territory (I did say it was getting a bit ridiculous), we've been going through the spec on a near daily basis with Luke at Plays-Kool who will be undertaking the build - aiming for the Barbados Festival of Speed later this year - as you'd expect, quite a number of things to figure out but regardless - let's do this!
  4. Hi everyone, A bit late in getting on to the forum but hopefully we can some experiences on the way over the next xxx months! The car is an FW SE which I have chosen to keep as standard for the first build. I've added a few extras such as 4-Pot calipers, wide front track, Heater, LED rear lamps, Sports Turbo Seats & Four point harnesses. I've just about completed the first module but have encountered a frame build issue with one of the transmission tunnel tubes being built out of position. Westfield have been really good and are going to take the half built chassis back in to the factory and re-position the tube. Apart from this it has been pretty straight forward.
  5. AndySheldon

    Mega S2000 Build - By Andy

    Well for years I have been after a hobby and to build we Westfield. I first thought of building a SEight. I got the engine, I build a dedicated 52sqm garage. My wife then wanted to move, that was eight years ago. I then got my new house extension sorted and finally I managed to build my new garage, dedicated to an unhealthy obsession with Volvo R cars and a new project. The mega S2000. This is my stage four S60R at nordschleife. I almost purchased a kit whilst at Stoneleigh, where I go every year. In talking to some folk who have built, they advised to go straight to the starter kit and go from there. I did just this, but I found a kit from @Rednop1 and made my way to secure the purchase. Top chap, really friendly, yet to assess his tea making skills. The kit I have is as follows: Westfield Mega s2000 starter kit Full set of fw bodywork with v8 bonnet in the new Ash grey colour Bespoke Westifeld Mega s2000 chassis 3rd gen front widetrack Nylon suspension upgrade front & rear Chassis panels have been powder coated black Chassis was powder coated at the factory Lowered floors Cage mounts pre welded to the chassis Mega s2000 lower steering column Included in the sale below are extra parts which I have purchased Ford sierra 3.62 7" lsd (used) Westfield front uprights Westfield alu front hubs Westfield Propshaft Westfield Fw Fuel tank kit Westfield Msa bar Westfield Protech front and rear shocks and springs Pro race rims gloss black 2x rear 8" 15" 2x front 7" 15" Westfield chassis loom Westfield sport turbo seats black with orange piping and diamond stitching Westfield front Race brake Package(black) <- Now swapped for AP Racing Brake Kit - Hoping these are an upgrade on my previous set. Westfield rear hs brake calipers(black) Westfield full exhaust system with Carbon silencer Since then I have also bought: 56,000 mile S2000 Engine, Box and Loom Radtec Extreme Radiator New OEM Clutch Carbon Light Surrounds Indicator Pods - Although I am reading that I should consider indicators that are under the lights New Spark Plugs Reduced Serpentine Belt Renewed Rocker Cover and Coil Cover (Orange and Black). Spoon Sports Gear Stick Selector Sump Baffle Decat Pipe Land Rover Indicators (IVA Compliant) Steeringrack 2.2 turns Some Carbon Fibre upgrades Litterally no building done to date, just parts aquisition. I'm reading with eagerness your build @Si.Dalziel and keen to get any advice or even a little help. Here we are with the orginal chassis: here we are with the bodywork on the car: These are the parts supplied withe the car when I picked it up from Ash: Shiny Radiator Nice Sport Turbo Seats I guess you could say I cheated a bit as the car was rolling chassis stage. The car had all the suspension fitted and the rear differential along with the fuel tank and westfield loom. Shiny new rear calipers fitted Here is the diff In properly: Fuel tank installed: Bodywork shots up next: Front of the car with an engine shaped hole: Front suspension going in: Running the brake hoses Westfield loom going in: I then got my mate to drive me down to pick the car up with the new garage build and loads of room in there (there isn't now)..... here are a few shots of the car in her new home: Looking good already..... I love the colour and I don't think there are many like it around. The gorgeous FW rear: The front calipers were the race spec Hi-Spec calipers. I really wanted to have the APs and I found some for sale, so I part-exchanged them and had the new set ready. AP racing - These are supposed to be fantastic brakes: I then bought the engine from @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO who is a top chap, had a cuppa and transported the parts back to sunny but cold Derbyshire:
  6. Build Diary: The MegaWatt A bold claim? Yep. A true one? Oh yes, it will be.... over 1000bhp/tonne and around 2000ftlbs/tonne should be enough to see to that. (Those who know me on Facebook have seen hints about this, but now the car is effectively finished, time to detail it...) So, to do an introduction to this build diary. My good friend Dan Johnson has been coming out to Barbados helping support us ever since we used to rally the Westfields out here 15 years ago, he got hooked, has been coming back 2-3 times a year since, even selling up and moving here for various six month stints. I recently rebuilt a Hayabusa turbo Westfield out here, which Dan helped with (see the build diary on here) and got into the drag racing scene on the island. Currently, my car holds the outright 2WD record. But not for much longer... A professional mechanic/motor engineer by trade, Dan recaught the Westfield bug, having previously built a MegaBlade kit about 10 years ago, and so, with one eye on creating a mobile CV and one eye on a worldwide record he bought Martin Atwell's old MegaBird on the island in December 2015. A car we used to rally with and know inside out, but since then it had been sold on and fallen into a terrible state. In the UK it would probably be scrap, but not here, it's duty paid and registered/licensed so time to resurrect! I mean, the thing was in a state. It had been left outside for some time in this climate, chassis rust, bodywork a mess, all nuts and bolts rusted solid, engine dead, all the work that had been done on it since it left Martin seemed to be a total bodge job. Just awful. And so the strip and debuild begins...
  7. gee_fin

    Hayabusa Turbo de/rebuild diary

    Well, you can only stay away so long... I had sold my previous Westfield (R1 engined) many moons ago after a change in the rallying regulations in Barbados rendered it uncompetitive (minimum weight and a change in lbs/cc for bike engines) and spent the next few years going through the rally route of 205, RWD 205, Evo 1, 2, 3 Group N, clubman Group A, full Group A all the while sighing whenever a bike passed me on the road with that engine note or I would see photos of Westfields and Caterhams scroll by on the Facebook feed and tap my fingers. Anyways, cue end of 2014, my Group A Evo is in a ball from Rally Barbados 2012 (tyre failure before meeting an unmoveable cliff face) and I'm feeling itchy to see some revs again. I looked to rebuild the remaining Westfield on the island (Martin Atwell's old Megabird) but after viewing it, the new owners have properly killed it and it's only really worth spares... so off to the WSCC/Pistonheads/etc. classifieds on a whim and prayer and up turns Steve Garner's turbo Busa racecar. Mechanically perfect, pretty much the exact spec I wanted, but after a number of years of successful racing and upgrades by Steve it was in need of a bit of aesthetic love and attention. 700bhp/tonne is a good starting point as any right? Deal done, an inter-country payment saga worthy of the old 419 scam-baiting page and the car is on a boat out to the West Indies... Big plans, just a two-week wait while it made it's voyage...
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