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Found 3 results

  1. Westfield_MX5

    Frank's FW Mazda SDV build

    I built a MX5 SDV back in 2008/2009 that I unfortunately totaled in 2015. There was no question that it had to be rebuilt but this time with a FW body. I just like that body style better. I have already rebuilt it, the car is done, but I thought it'd be nice to make a build thread about it . Since we all like pictures, I'll add lots Here's the car I finished building in 2009
  2. 1700cc with GSXR throttle bodies. Been running fine for ages - suddenly the day before MOT [i reckon they know...] it [definitely an it at the moment] began running ridiculously rich, lumpy, stalling on throttle press, sooty plugs and black smoke from the exhaust just like putting massive jets in a carb car. Cancelled MOT as wouldn't have passed even a visible smoke test! Connection to Tuner Studio shows tps gauge "in the red" with needle doing full cycles i.e. car running at 100% throttle all the time. Wouldn't recalibrate as values just kept climbing always ending with no difference between open and closed throttle - hence 100% fueling all the time. Waited a week for new GSXR tps from Suxuki dealer. "Passes" multimeter resistance test - shows gain/loss of resistance from closed to open position when turned with a screwdriver off the car, but exactly as paragraph above unable to calibrate new sensor when it's connected to the car. Have renewed the relay board switched and non-switched power supplies, earth post and all ground connections to it so shouldn't be a power or earth issue. Today, new problem, while double checking all the above the Tuner Studio temperature gauge climbed with a cold engine to fix at 80o C, even with the CLT wires disconnected it stays there. Wires to temperature sensor pass continuity test with multimeter, but again not able to get any calibration with Tuner Studio. Like my head tps gauge is still spinning full circles. Any ideas? I'm beginning to think that the relay board, or worse still the ECU is in the way out. Gary
  3. Dommo

    Winter upgrades complete

    Incredibly late, but this years winter upgrades are finally complete. Started off with the basic mx5 mk1 engine in a fetching shade of black. Take one Mk2.5 MX5 engine: And one Mk2 MX5 engine: Take the bottom end of the MK2.5 engine: And head of the Mk2 engine: Now I was simply intending the bolt the two together. Unfortunately, the mk2.5 engine looks like it had suffered a headgasket failure. I decided to strip both the block and head down and have them refaced to ensure they were both true. The reason for using half of one engine and half of another is because the mk2.5 had the highest compression at 10:1 (standard mk1 engine was 9:1), but the VVT solenoid on the head wouldn't fit. I got the mk2 engine for the head. These flow marginally better than the mk1 heads and whilst the difference really is pretty small, I thought if you're starting from scratch might as well go mk2. Bare mk2.5 block: Bare mk2 head:
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