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  1. Very beautiful, from very sunny Buckinghamshire
  2. Happy to see either but I'm staying in my motor home at the show for the weekend
  3. When you find out please let me know! Are you bringing it to stoneleigh?
  4. hahaha love it... Also a male... interesting!
  5. Cool name and cool logic Chris Brading! Food for thought...
  6. Love that!!! My husband used to call me wench .. doh
  7. OOOOH, I thought YOUR name was Buttercup!
  8. I really want a name for my Wez but just can't decide I mean male or female? Has yours got a name? What is it? Why did you choose it?
  9. thank you, I have lots of stories.... I am sure we are going to have a ball with the others. I hope to meet up with Ali and Gail before falling into convoy with the others, I suggested Geoffrey start us a WhatsApp group so we can share our plans, will remind him. I hope your car is coming along, I am hoping a friend will do a few jobs on mine! Jude
  10. My father taught me how to ride a motorcycle when I was 13, I rode a bike all year round until about 15 years ago when following a slide down a wet road on my knees my family bought me driving lessons for Christmas... So I was over 50 when I passed my test, my first car was an Alfa Romeo Spider which I adored... it was followed by a variety of cars but I always had a love of Alfas. Makes me smile that I had trouble getting insured for my Spider, Saga and Sheila's wheels.. not interested! Almost 4 years ago the Alfa Romeo I loved was hit by a KTM Superduke doing 120 mph, head on. The ensuing fire ended the life of the biker at the scene and my husband 3 days later. I inherited his Westfield and although it was built by him on a shoestring almost 20 years ago I am so proud to drive it and drive it I do - constantly.
  11. Welcome from Buckinghamshire where the mist has just hidden the sun .. Carpe Diem!
  12. Heck that's a trauma. Life throws some weird stuff... One minute enjoying life, next moment someone takes you out of your normal! Wishing you a speedy recovery so you can enjoy your Wez!
  13. Wow I love it.. My car needs more imagination.
  14. Such a terrible series of events leading to such sadness, and yet such a simple mistake. .. My heart goes out to their family and friends. A lesson there for us all. Jude
  15. Interested... Waiting for pics
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