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  1. Jude - The Mad Widow

    New to the Westfield family

    from Buckinghamshire!
  2. Jude - The Mad Widow

    [Tchoupi 13] Westfield SE

    We took our Westfield along the south coast of France and round Monaco a couple of times. It created a lot of interest. Is it the same for you? Jude
  3. Jude - The Mad Widow


    from Buckinghamshire
  4. Jude - The Mad Widow

    Hello from France

  5. Jude - The Mad Widow

    Hello from France

    Nice to meet you Eric, where in Normandy are you? We will be arriving via the tunnel near Calais. Awesome if we can meet up. Jude
  6. Jude - The Mad Widow

    Superb Westfield XI

  7. Jude - The Mad Widow

    N Yorks Christmas Meal & Amusements with Lemon Tops.

    Thanks for the warm welcome, I had such a great time. I have however, become addicted to flinging two penny pieces at each other!!! Have a great Christmas all xx
  8. Jude - The Mad Widow

    Hi I'm MIG bought new car today

    Welcome MIG Best colour, just like a Buttercup!!!!!
  9. Crikey, first day of rain and I feel all gloomy...



  10. Jude - The Mad Widow

    Happy Birthday Jude.

    Not unless you are hiding one behind your back???!!!
  11. Jude - The Mad Widow

    Wanted, narrow body boot cover

    Looking for a boot cover for my narrow bodied 7. Either hard or soft.
  12. Jude - The Mad Widow

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, September 2018

    Good to meet you all last night, thank you for being so welcoming!
  13. Jude - The Mad Widow

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, September 2018

    I shall try to actually make it this time...
  14. Jude - The Mad Widow

    Caffine and Machine 9th September Cotswolds

    Thanks for the warm welcome you guys, I really enjoyed meeting you all.... Will do it again if you don't look out!
  15. Anyone going to the Piston and Props festival?

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