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  1. Jim cunliffe

    Lancashire Area Quiz Night and Social

    Julie is going to be there.
  2. Jim cunliffe

    Three sisters

    Paul (slasher) Hurdsfield will be along after dropping grandkids off at school !!! Anyone else ? Pay on the day !
  3. Jim cunliffe

    2.1 pinto narrow body 144bhp

    A few of us from Manchester Area are at Three Sisters ,Wigan for a trackday on Monday. It's a very relaxed day with very few cars and aimed at novices. It would be great if you could come along and meet up.
  4. Jim cunliffe

    Three sisters

    Three Sisters Monday 19th November, weather looking good at the moment and last time I just turned up without booking no problem. A very relaxed atmosphere and only 7 cars running gave us lots of track time and no red flags. A couple or three from Manchester gang going,anyone else care to join us ?
  5. The Dyson pump diet is working Paul,down to 10stone from 14 and it puts hell of a smile on your face Had a great day out ,you should join us sometime. Next one will be a mid week run in the south lakes if the weather holds,and we would love to see more of you from other areas joining us.!!
  6. Very strong black coffee for me ,just been press ganged into collecting friends From Leeds Bradford at 1am !!!!
  7. 10:30 ish if we get away on time
  8. I’ll lead till Hawes if you like, park at the Creamery and brekky in Hawes 400 yard walk to cafe It’s a regular run of mine but I never tire of it !! We will take a very scenic route via Gargrave and Kettlewell then over to someone else for return!! We should make good use of this dry weather ,we won’t get many more this year.
  9. Second or third for me.Come on Lancs/Yorks mob where are you , extra hour in bed as well !!!
  10. Jim cunliffe

    headlight bulb

    From experience I can tell you that Terry's lights as they are now melt your eyes when in the mirror!,
  11. Do you want me to ring her!! It's better to ask forgiveness than permission
  12. Jim cunliffe

    Alcohol free.

    Me too, went on Friday don’t remember Sat !!
  13. Jim cunliffe

    Cadwell dates

    Yes I'll Definitley be there providing it's not snowing ! Three Sisters need supporting or it will be lost to us,although it could probably survive with the Karting we don't want to lose the car days.

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