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  1. Thanks Graham, see you tomorrow jim
  2. Thank you , we also found that there are Motorhome overnight bays in Worcester
  3. Hi Graham We are at Stratford upon Avon ,less than an hour away and plan to have a look around Worcester tomorrow ,so could be at Shelsey anytime really from say 4 o'clock . Jim
  4. Is there anywhere close to Shelsey Walsh to park motorhome and trailer on Thursday night please..
  5. Jim cunliffe

    WSCC Blyton 2018 Trackday and Booking Info - 13th July 2018

    Just booked the Track day and hoping to stay over to watch the sprint . Jim & Julie
  6. Thanks Paul ,Wayne and the rest for a great club night and blat !!only got a bit damp on way home . Jim
  7. How about Delph Chippy for fish & chips ??
  8. Hi Paul Ok for Weds missing tomorrow cud I’m in Scotland ont motorbike!! Glad the cars back together. See you Weds Jim
  9. Jim cunliffe

    MBE and throttle bodies

    Thanks again, really helpfull information. Next question will really open a can of worms, but once again any info will be much appreciated . Which throttle bodies to use? Bike or Jenvey etc I would prefer not to have to cut the bonnet out for the air filter so close fitting ones would be good. thank you Jim
  10. Jim cunliffe

    MBE and throttle bodies

    Thanks for your replies , does this mean that If I fit throttle bodies the engine will run but need a rr session to remap? Sorry for all the questions but I was brought up on points and carbs!! And haven’t got a clue about injection or plugging into a lap top! cheers Jim
  11. Jim cunliffe

    MBE and throttle bodies

    Thanks Chris, I will look under the bracket tomorrow . I forgot to add that the engine is on standard injection . Jim
  12. Jim cunliffe

    MBE and throttle bodies

    Can anyone tell me from attached photo if this ecu will run throttle bodies on a 1.8 Zetec. Thank you
  13. Jim cunliffe

    Lancashire Area Breakfast Run Sunday 20th May

    Hi Steve, Big thank you from Julie and me for a great run out,also to Andy for leading,the road from the A59 through Sawley and on to Settle was just awesome!! Thanks again See you next time Jim and Julie
  14. Jim cunliffe

    Lancashire Area Breakfast Run Sunday 20th May

    Why not meet at Wizzers.May be not!! See you Sunday
  15. Jim cunliffe

    Compressor for sale

    Sold to Maurici in record time, thanks Maurici.

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