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  1. Jim cunliffe

    Manchester to Chester, sunday

    Terry , if you came past the hospital then straight on for 5 miles you will come to Weir Village OL13 8RA I will be at the top of my lane for 8.20 See you tomorrow Jim
  2. Jim cunliffe

    Manchester to Chester, sunday

    I’m in see you at 9am
  3. SK14 6SD is the postcode for the Roe Cross Inn but looking at their website it closed down yesterday, hopefully car park will still be available for us to meet @ 10.30
  4. Early start for you then Dave?
  5. Jim cunliffe

    Silver top to blacktop

    Had a bit of help from friends !!
  6. Jim cunliffe

    Silver top to blacktop

    I couldn’t get a 1.8 so had to go 2.0 ltr route. I have only done around 10 miles up to now and it’s in for re-map tomorrow and if all goes well will run it in on Saturday so will report back afterwards.
  7. Jim cunliffe

    Zetec starter motor - the bolts...

    I had the same problem with all the bolts ,starter and bell housing ,I think they had been put in with loctite retainer! I had to heat the bell housing to quite a high temp and still they were hard work to get moving.
  8. Jim cunliffe

    Silver top to blacktop

    Hi, Definitley not a straight swap,I have just finished changing my 1.8 silver top to crate 2.0 blacktop Its not too difficult but not the job I understood it should have been. Give me ring if you want info on the work and parts needed. Jim 07721 451104
  9. Jim cunliffe

    Half hoods installation

    Hi Arran Are you on the road now! I have completed my engine change today but due to weather or lack of it need to road test and run in Give me ring if you fancy a quiet run out one evening Jim 07721 451104
  10. Jim cunliffe

    fancy one of these

    Sorry to hear it still troubles you. I read the aaib report this morning and it’s a familiar read, the high temps did you no favours and also 65 ltr tank on a 503 engine ! The twin tank system meant you could at least take a tank out and have less fuel weight and with 15/20 ltrs in the running tank it looked like plenty but put 20 ltrs in a 65 ltr tank and you would think it will run out taxying. Did you have Westfield’s before the accident or have changed the Adrenalin source? l bought my Westy a year ago after 38 years and 3600 hours flying and can honestly say I am enjoying it more than flying especially as Julie, wife, joins in which she never did whilst I was flying. I haven’t flown since October and sold my plane and hangar soon after,Istill have my license and carry out permit renewals but am not missing flying one bit,that’s down to the westy I think. Maybe we’ll get out to the North East in it one day ,l will give you a shout if we do! all the best Jim
  11. Jim cunliffe

    fancy one of these

    Wow, I have seen lots of wreckage in my time at Mainair/ P&M but that looks like one of the worst.Hope youve fully recovered . Jim
  12. Jim cunliffe

    fancy one of these

    Ex Kevin Armstrong I believe! I sold it to Kevin in 1998 as a kit whilst working for Mainair Sports for 35 years. Where is now Chris ??
  13. Looks like Sladburn cafe ,best cake in the RIbble Valley and a regular haunt of ours.Would have loved to join you but new engine being fitted at moment, Jim and Julie
  14. Jim cunliffe

    Alternator bracket

    Has anyone got a 2.0 blacktop alternator bracket lying around also a water pump reversal idler kit, and a very long shot looking for a set of 45mm Jenveys ,short trumpets ,air filer and back plate all for 2.0 blacktop. l would be interested in any parts to help me on my way. thanks for looking Jim
  15. Jim cunliffe

    Wirral & North Wales YDG 27th-29th July 2018

    Echo what Dave said, l have had a ball with a great set of guys ! 3 days of great roads inc today, the half hour wait for the weather to improve saw us back to Manchester with just a couple of light showers and lots of sunshine Just finished cleaning the car ready for the next one !!

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