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  1. Jim cunliffe

    Manchester boys tonight

    I thought I'd already replied to this ! Anyway me and Julie are coming.
  2. Jim cunliffe

    Lancashire Area Meeting

    Count us in Steve please. Jim N Julie
  3. Jim cunliffe

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    I managed 16 of them, 7 in the morning and 9 after lunch ! Great value for money.
  4. Jim cunliffe

    Westfield Newbie - Manchester / Leeds

    Big welcome from Rossendale, great looking car. Jim
  5. Jim cunliffe

    Wirral & North Wales YDG 27th-29th July 2018

    Thanks Mark,l read it a couple of times before posting, lt does say "overnight stop "at Highland Moors and I assumed it to be just Friday,I didn't want to be Billy's no mates on the Saturday !! l will check dates and get back to you shortly,
  6. Jim cunliffe

    Wirral & North Wales YDG 27th-29th July 2018

    Where is the stopover for Saturday night?
  7. Jim cunliffe

    Blyton 2018 help

    Hi John, No experience but can help Saturday if I'm any use to you. Jim
  8. Jim cunliffe

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Big thank you to Graham GF FRankland and John Panda Williams for organising a fantastic event,also the marshals and volunteers who worked tirelessly all day. Managed 16 runs in total and having non grippy 15 year old tyres added to the fun and exitement Bring it on again !!! Jim and Julie
  9. Thanks Graham, see you tomorrow jim
  10. Thank you , we also found that there are Motorhome overnight bays in Worcester
  11. Hi Graham We are at Stratford upon Avon ,less than an hour away and plan to have a look around Worcester tomorrow ,so could be at Shelsey anytime really from say 4 o'clock . Jim
  12. Is there anywhere close to Shelsey Walsh to park motorhome and trailer on Thursday night please..
  13. Jim cunliffe

    WSCC Blyton 2018 Trackday and Booking Info - 13th July 2018

    Just booked the Track day and hoping to stay over to watch the sprint . Jim & Julie
  14. Thanks Paul ,Wayne and the rest for a great club night and blat !!only got a bit damp on way home . Jim
  15. How about Delph Chippy for fish & chips ??

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