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  1. The one on the hockey stick is the one that goes to the dial .
  2. Sorry Andy probably a combination of my ignorance and lack of track experience ,I read it as me driving round the track alone with a camera on then the instructor playing it back and pointing out what I was doing wrong , 🙄
  3. Ok got it , I wasn’t sure if you went out with an instructor beside you , for your half hour , which I personally think for me would be better as I know little or nothing about lines , breaking cornering speed etc .
  4. Can I just check what’s on offer ,I’ve been disappointed on a few driving experiences before. I Assume I get an half hr slot but what does that mean .IE What does it break down to ? Steve
  5. I’m thinking of fitting some as my pvc panels have scuffed a bit from the harness buckles .If you get a chance a picture or 2 would be appreciated. Steve
  6. There’s been a lot of posts regarding poor light output on the 4 “ lights ,has anyone tried this upgrade ? https://furoreproducts.co.uk/h1-hid-conversion-kit?search=HID
  7. I’ve read on f few forums that people drill a small hole,typically 3 or 4 mm ,through the band on their thermostat .Whats the reasoning behind this ,and is it something to do with cylinder no 4 on a Zetec, Im changing mine at the minute so might as well know if it’s beneficial before I put it back together . Thanks Steve
  8. Is that the blue Fw car ? If so any idea how he’s fixed the carbon splitter to the nose come ,is it removable I assume it must be to tilt the bonnet . Steve
  9. Hi there ,I don’t suppose you can tell me where to get a 97 ,92 switch and a 82 thermostat from ,a link would be great if possible . Thanks Steve
  10. It has an air filter it was taken off and put to the side when the car was being checked over . It’s always on .
  11. Hope all goes well . ,I’m still wearing the smile from the drive home It took me a hour to get there but over two and a half to get back ! The joy of driving just for the sake of it ,to the sound of induction and exhaust note ,it makes you feel alive . Let us know how you get on ,maybe take a video .
  12. Had a long overdue day off yesterday and made good use of it I went for my annual engine check and a run on the rollers ,it’s times like this I realise my cars potential is much greater than the drivers
  13. Do you have a link to where you got your 92/84 fan switch from please , Thanks Steve
  14. Thanks for the link Ian ,how do I tell which one I have there don’t appear to be any markings on it .Does it have to be the same or can any one be used ? Steve
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