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  1. Weekend Warrior

    SEW shocks

    They do look good ,any chance of telling us what they cost ?
  2. Weekend Warrior

    Rockingham Track Day Photos

    Great photos ,and a great day I thoroughly enjoyed all of it especially the ride in your car ,I was like a Sunday driver compared to you two .On my first track day When I met Kev he said unless you spin out your not trying hard enough ,Well this was my second trackday and my first spin so I’m trying hard if nothing else Was great to meet you ,Kev and Dick and hope to again ,hows your car have you had it looked at yet ?
  3. Weekend Warrior

    Cycle wing fixing

    Thanks one and all for the reply’s Probolt it is
  4. Weekend Warrior

    Cycle wing fixing

    Lost one of my cycle wing fixings at Rockingham the other day ,anyone know exactly what type they are and where I can get them . Thanks Steve
  5. Weekend Warrior


    Perhaps the last owner totalled it and only had a side panel and exhaust left .He then met an artistic student with a passion for cars who was building a masterpiece in the making . Watch this space
  6. Weekend Warrior

    Zetec oil consumption

    Leakdown test is the only way to find out ,my Zetec blacktop uses a bit and a test showed I’ve a slight leak on 2and 3 was told it’s piston rings Despite this.The compression test gave good readings .so I’ll just keep putting a bit of oil in untill it affects performance then it’s new rings .Im told this can be done leaving the engine in the car and dropping them out the bottom ,if the pistons show signs of anything amiss it’s a full rebuild . With the weather like this if it’s still driving ok I’d be inclined to live with it untill the winter then decide . Just seen your above post ,Ive got a catchtank but it’s always dry as a bone however when I’m giving it serious stick my dipstick rises a little
  7. Weekend Warrior

    TRACKDAY - Rockingham 5th July

    All booked including one garage ,looking forward to it .
  8. Weekend Warrior

    Gaz damper. Help please

    I believe @DamperMan is the man you need ,
  9. Weekend Warrior

    TRACKDAY - Rockingham 5th July

    No problem that’s fine by me ,I’ll phone on Monday and see if I can book a garage .Do you know Is £25 for the whole garage or price per car ?
  10. Weekend Warrior

    TRACKDAY - Rockingham 5th July

    I’ll send them an email and book using my credit ,looking forward to it I’d be up for sharing a garage ,Ive heard it can get a tad moist ! Steve
  11. Weekend Warrior

    East Midlands?

    Sounds ok to me .Ill also be out and about Sunday if anyone fancies it ,the roads should be quieter cos there’s a football game on
  12. Weekend Warrior

    East Midlands?

    That was me Simon ,I’m always up for a blat I’m in Oakham it’s only 30 mins to Bourne 15 for. You . Hello @MattV I sometimes venture out your way . Steve
  13. Weekend Warrior

    Rockingham track day 25th May

    No I’m not Russ ,not sure if I’m going to be free ,
  14. Weekend Warrior

    Rockingham track day 25th May

    Unfortunately I’m away on holiday then Andrew it’s half term for the kids and wifey wants to go away. 5th of July anyone ?
  15. Weekend Warrior

    Rockingham track day 25th May

    Come on boys I missed the last one ,can we get something sorted and look at a date . Thanks Steve

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