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  1. Weekend Warrior

    Team Dynamics 1.2

    Looking for 2 Pro race 1.2 15’” et 23 , was wondering if anyone had bought a couple of wider ones from westfield on their offer and had spares . thanks Steve
  2. Weekend Warrior

    Happy Birthday Thrusty!

    Hope your not that old that your Thrust is failing. happy birthday Mr Thrusty
  3. Weekend Warrior

    Help ! Miss fire back any ideas ?

    I know where the coolant temp sensor is ,but where would the air intake sensor be /what would it look like ? re the laptop would you need a programme to read the ecu ? I’m not savvy with computers .
  4. Weekend Warrior

    Help ! Miss fire back any ideas ?

    How do you go about doing this ,is it something the garage could do .I only own an iPad .
  5. Weekend Warrior

    East Midlands?

    I Did mention you to the others I made contact with you last year regarding getting my wipers off .When your on the road again give us a shout,or if you fancy jumping in for a ride I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem . Steve
  6. Weekend Warrior

    Help ! Miss fire back any ideas ?

    Thanks Scott ,changed crank sensor checked leads and coil pack ,injectors not yet could get garage to check them . Just seems strange that problem came back after re map seemed to cure it
  7. Weekend Warrior

    Help ! Miss fire back any ideas ?

    To cut a long story short when I bought my car it popped and banged shot flames ,al was well for a good few months then it developed a stutter ( missfire between 3 and 4 thousand revs ) I took it to a rolling road and had it re mapped .I was told it was running rich and putting in too much fuel between 3/4 thousand revs {you could see the spike on the graph] All was well for a month or so and a fair few miles ,no more pops and bangs and no missfire ,however the missfire has returned same place between 3 /4 thou everywhere else all is well . .Just before it started I noticed that upon start up and when at idle the revs drop off and the car sits at 1000 then drops off to the point it nearly stalls .When warm it doesn’t drop off as much but still fluctuates sitting at 1000 rpm dropping off and picking back up .This May or may not be connected . Any ideas ? Its an omex 600 ecu ,If It we’re corrupt I’d expect the pops and bangs to be back .My local garage say they can’t access an omex ecu so is it worth taking it there,,if not it’s a day off work and back to the mappers to check meaning a £400 day at best . Its a 2.0 zetec on throttle bodies any ideas or thoughts . thanks Steve
  8. Weekend Warrior

    East Midlands?

    Great few hours hooning around ,nice to meet you , I enjoyed it as I’m sure @si_salisbury did ,as we said we will do it again and welcome any others
  9. Weekend Warrior

    Scalextric Westfield.

    Seriously ! i was expecting a FW rear end ,challenge yourself .
  10. Weekend Warrior

    Various Parts for Sale

    I’ll take the carbon fibre chassi rails please . Will pm you later internet scetchy on hols thanks Steve
  11. Weekend Warrior

    SEW shocks

    They do look good ,any chance of telling us what they cost ?
  12. Weekend Warrior

    Rockingham Track Day Photos

    Great photos ,and a great day I thoroughly enjoyed all of it especially the ride in your car ,I was like a Sunday driver compared to you two .On my first track day When I met Kev he said unless you spin out your not trying hard enough ,Well this was my second trackday and my first spin so I’m trying hard if nothing else Was great to meet you ,Kev and Dick and hope to again ,hows your car have you had it looked at yet ?
  13. Weekend Warrior

    Cycle wing fixing

    Thanks one and all for the reply’s Probolt it is
  14. Weekend Warrior

    Cycle wing fixing

    Lost one of my cycle wing fixings at Rockingham the other day ,anyone know exactly what type they are and where I can get them . Thanks Steve
  15. Weekend Warrior


    Perhaps the last owner totalled it and only had a side panel and exhaust left .He then met an artistic student with a passion for cars who was building a masterpiece in the making . Watch this space

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