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  1. Weekend Warrior

    Gaz damper. Help please

    I believe @DamperMan is the man you need ,
  2. Weekend Warrior

    TRACKDAY - Rockingham 5th July

    No problem that’s fine by me ,I’ll phone on Monday and see if I can book a garage .Do you know Is £25 for the whole garage or price per car ?
  3. Weekend Warrior

    TRACKDAY - Rockingham 5th July

    I’ll send them an email and book using my credit ,looking forward to it I’d be up for sharing a garage ,Ive heard it can get a tad moist ! Steve
  4. Weekend Warrior

    East Midlands?

    Sounds ok to me .Ill also be out and about Sunday if anyone fancies it ,the roads should be quieter cos there’s a football game on
  5. Weekend Warrior

    East Midlands?

    That was me Simon ,I’m always up for a blat I’m in Oakham it’s only 30 mins to Bourne 15 for. You . Hello @MattV I sometimes venture out your way . Steve
  6. Weekend Warrior

    Rockingham track day 25th May

    No I’m not Russ ,not sure if I’m going to be free ,
  7. Weekend Warrior

    Rockingham track day 25th May

    Unfortunately I’m away on holiday then Andrew it’s half term for the kids and wifey wants to go away. 5th of July anyone ?
  8. Weekend Warrior

    Rockingham track day 25th May

    Come on boys I missed the last one ,can we get something sorted and look at a date . Thanks Steve
  9. Weekend Warrior

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    God I love this weather 3 tanks of fuel today.
  10. Weekend Warrior

    FW body 4” dominators fitted

  11. Weekend Warrior

    She is home.

    Glad you got back safely ,we need to go out for a blat as soon as possible as I’m confident you’ll be able to keep up for a week or two untill you get to know her . Mines a boy so they're bound to get on .
  12. Weekend Warrior

    Westfield SEiW MX5 Turbo, 335bhp Big Spec - SOLD

    Great news your loss is my gain I’ve been looking for someone to blat about with and Simon is only 10 mins away . im sure I’ll be able to keep up untill he gets used to it .
  13. Weekend Warrior

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    That’s the best excuse ever , every time I hint that the wife looks a bit overweight she blames water retention !
  14. Weekend Warrior

    FW body 4” dominators fitted

    I’ve sorted that one ! ive ordered the brightest light bar ,going to fix it to the top of the roll bar and tint It, my next purchase is this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LED-Work-Light-Bar-Spot-Flood-Offroad-Roof-Lights-Driving-Lamp-Truck-Bar-Car-4WD/263702611673?epid=1478139327&hash=item3d65e686d9:m:m2DHqQ9Hshx1AuAbUtE9Ieg rabbits be afraid .
  15. Weekend Warrior

    FW body 4” dominators fitted

    Finally got round to fitting the new headlights and I think they look great .I read the advice you lot gave and ordered 4 blanking grommets as recommended by @Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO Two for the back of the lights and the others to cover the hole left by the bigger factory light . Easier than I thought it was going to be

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