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  1. Weekend Warrior

    Catch tank question

    Cheers one and all Greatvadvice and links to parts as well ,what a great bunch you all are ,I’ll take it from here
  2. Weekend Warrior

    Catch tank question

    If it’s a genuine one will it have Mocal stamped on it somewhere ? How will I know if the cap is breathable can you tell by looking or do you have to pressure test the tank with lid on .
  3. Weekend Warrior

    Catch tank question

    On my catchtank there are 2 holes and they let out an oily residue onto the bulkhead ,,Im thinking one should be blanked off and one have one of those small filters on ,is this right ? if so any idea where I can get the hollow bolt thing that the filter fixes to .
  4. Weekend Warrior

    Parts coming up for sale as the car gets its winter upgrades!

    Unfortunately this will be no good to me as I’ve got a FW rear .For some reason I thought it was the kind that attaches to the roll bar . At that price I’m sure someone else will snap it up . Steve
  5. Weekend Warrior

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Went for a brisk 2hr blat this morning to test out my new carbon can .I painted the stainless Extension piece and the Down pipe with heat resistant stove paint and I’m more than happy than the way it turned out . I also swapped the aero screen and fitted my new taller windscreen from the sport 250 .It May only be 50mm taller but what a difference no more frame in the eyeline
  6. Weekend Warrior

    Christmas presents.

    Oi Ill have to give you that one , I’m secretly hoping she’ll be a Lesbian to avoid all that .
  7. Weekend Warrior

    Christmas presents.

    My co pilot got her pink helmet at last !
  8. Weekend Warrior

    What hope for Brexit negotiations?

    Could have been a music night , Shane McGowan gives it the thumbs up
  9. Weekend Warrior


    Not entirely sure what he was trying ,but I know of a few Irish lads who have been caught drink driving and surrendered their Republic of Ireland licences only to keep driving on their uk ones .This was not so long ago but may or may not still be the case I’m not suggesting he’s doing the same but there was advantages to be had if you held both
  10. Weekend Warrior

    Max Rim Size

    I looked at 13’s when going for a spare set but for mainly all year road use the tyre choice is very limited .That and the fact that I personally don’t like the look of 13’s on our cars ,I feel the 15 inch wheel fills the arch better,meant I went for another set of 15’s. I understand the track benefits but from an aesthetic point of view bigger is better imo
  11. Weekend Warrior

    silencer support bracket

    This was my mount which I’m adapting to take my carbon exhaust. Don’t know if it’s the standard mount but may be of help .
  12. Weekend Warrior

    Parts coming up for sale as the car gets its winter upgrades!

    If the Caterham style luggage rack doesn’t go I’d like second dibs please. Thanks Steve
  13. Weekend Warrior

    Half Hood Vs Full Hood

    Am I right in thinking this is an MSA rollbar ,not an RAC one ? if ordering a half hood from softbits all they need is the measurement from the front of screen to centre of roll bar .and the type of bar (hence my question ) I take it all MSA bars are the same width .
  14. Weekend Warrior

    Half Hood Vs Full Hood

    Would you mind telling how much it cost ,so we can make a comparison. thanks Steve
  15. Weekend Warrior

    Westfield Carbon Exhaust

    Thanks Mr Thrusty , (is it Justin) By measure up do you mean ,length required diameter and wall thickness ? thanks Steve

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